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Corporate Web: Characteristics to be successful in 2021

Corporate web pages are those that have been designed to represent a company, brand or business on the internet. They are generally composed of sections such as services, equipment or personnel, information about the company, contact and of course the home page. The objective is to publicize the products and services that the company offers, as well as transmit trust and add value to the brand in the digital environment. In other words, a corporate website will represent a brand and will be the first impression that people take after visiting it. This is reason enough to pay the greatest care to every detail that we will put in it.

Characteristics of corporate web pages that will guarantee success

For a corporate website to be successful, there are some elements that must be met: Simple functionality, carefully crafted copy and visual language, and calls to action to capture leads.

Simple functionality means that the functionality of corporate web pages is not usually complex. There is no need to program highly complex elements or sections, beyond perhaps a contact form and another to capture leads.

Web corporativas

The copy and visual elements are carefully crafted. Generally, a professional copywriter is sought to develop the texts of the website in order to generate trust, in addition to transmitting the message that you want to get across. Regarding the images and look and feel, a designer must choose everything meticulously to match the brand and the visual language to connect with the audience.

Finally, the capture of leads is necessary, otherwise you will not be able to obtain new clients through the corporate web pages. The most common is a contact form.

Basic elements of a corporate website

As we said at the beginning of this post, there are some basic elements that should be included in a corporate website. Generally we can see:

  • Homepage: Through this page most of the traffic will enter and you must make it very clear what the company does. From here the user can navigate to other sections of the website.
  • U.S: This page can be called "us" or also "about" and it is where information about the company, when it was founded, its mission and vision and any other relevant information is included so that the visitor has a notion of who the people behind Of the brand. Here you can take advantage of storytelling to write a story that connects with the lead.
  • Team: This section is the best to humanize the brand or company. It is used to show by name and surname who is part of the team. Usually a real photograph, full name, the work that each one performs, their social networks and contact information is placed.
  • Services: This is a page of commercial value where the products and / or services that the company offers are presented. Sometimes the prices are not set since what is sought is that they contact a sales representative. However, setting the prices is a way of filtering the leads since, if they know the prices and still make contact, they are most likely willing to pay the cost of the services.
  • Contact: Finally, the contact page is essential since it is here where you can find all your data, a form to get in touch, social networks and any other relevant information, such as: telephone numbers, emails and even address of your offices .

What other elements are useful on commercial web pages?

In addition to the sections already mentioned, it may be convenient to add a portfolio page where you show who your clients are and some work done. You can put examples of the product and / or service and thus demonstrate quality and professionalism.

A blog is an excellent option, especially if you want to carry out organic SEO positioning strategies through keywords. Today it is almost mandatory to include it in any marketing strategy for this purpose, beyond just talking about company news.

A store section could also be included in corporate web pages. This is useful if the company has several products or services that can be purchased directly from the web through a shopping cart.

Learn more about how corporate web pages can help boost your business and how The Cloud Group can be your ally in the process. Read other articles of interest in our Blog and contact us if you have any questions about how to get started. It's time to give your brand a digital presence!

Web Corporativas y sus características