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Wando and the Cloud Group close alliance: we landed in Peru

At The Cloud Group we are in constant motion to achieve our premise of global transformation to companies. To fulfill our purpose of massive transformation we are in constant international expansion and this time we have returned to Latin America, this time we are talking about Peru. To provide you with a better service in the region, we have signed a new commercial alliance contract with Wando an incredible digital marketing agency that will give us all their experience.

A little history

Wando was founded in November 2015 by Dessiree Ramos Angeles and Roberto Condor Naula, initially under another commercial name, it was not until 2017 that they decided to rebuild their brand in order to unify it with their work philosophy and, at the same time, expand the portfolio of services.

They knew they required a memorable and recognizable word as a name, so they thought about their way of working:

They left the cumbersome terminology and heavy schemes aside, thus they managed to focus on the pure strategy and generate effective communication with the client as if they said "they dropped the jackpot." But what word could identify them?

That's when they came up with Wando! the unforgettable carretillera orange that passed their doors as children, extremely juicy, without seeds and with a sweet pulp, it was perfect for specialists in the development of Marketing, without seeds!

Wando t The Cloud Group una alianza increíble

Currently they focus their efforts on 4 fundamental areas:

  • Advertising Digital Design: Tutorials, Digital Advertising, Digital Advertising Campaigns, Video Post Production, Corporate Material Design.
  • Digital presence: Community Management, CommunityDevelopment, Creation of social networks, Consultancy in network management, Workshop and courses In House - Social Media
  • Brand creation and management: Brand reconstruction, Reputational campaign management, Corporate Image Consulting, Business reengineering, Professional and / or business Image Coaching.
  • Marketing content: Web design, SEO Positioning, Google Adwords Campaigns.

Some aspects of the alliance to consider

In the case of this alliance, they have decided to focus more attention on the areas of: Digital advertising design, Digital presence and Brand creation and management leaving in the hands of The Cloud Group everything that has to do with Marketing content. From the experience obtained by The Cloud Group, the concept has been reached that we can add a lot of value to the Peruvian market, through all the digital transformation services that we have and dealing with an ally like Wando, projects can be much more solid.

This more than fruitful alliance for both parties generates international expansion, which allows it to help companies in many more locations. In addition to expanding the operational capacity allowing to carry more and better projects simultaneously.

From the point of view of Wando's customers, big benefits are also in the offing. The first of them is that they automatically acquire all the guarantees that we have in The Cloud Group, the possibility of developing projects in many more locations without the need to leave the country or have comprehensive services at their disposal with professionals with international experience.

Why should you choose The Cloud Group-Wando alliance?

Now if you are a company that resides in Peru or in the region, you must have a question around your head What does The Cloud Group-Wando alliance bring me?

It is simple and that is why we will summarize it in four fundamental aspects:

  • Effectiveness and profitability: We will develop completely tailored services according to your needs, with a closed budget and a lower cost per contract than having a team en casa.
  • Multidisciplinary experience: You will have full access to a specialized team with extensive professional experience in multiple areas.
  • Reduce your business risk: Reduce business risks while increasing the chances of absorbing successfully designed and tested strategies or innovative and specialized strategies according to your objective.
  • Acquire the guarantees of The Cloud Group: You will automatically have the guarantees offered by The Cloud Group, in case you still do not know them you can find them here.
Wando un marketing sin pepas

What does partnering with Wando bring to The Cloud Group?

By accepting Wando as our sole representative in Peru, we all win, beyond the acquisition of clients, which is not our only objective. It brings us incalculable market value and a very important brand recognition in the region. In addition to increasing our presence in Latin America and continuing our international expansion. Last but not least, we won a great local ally that will allow us to achieve market share in Peru by getting to know the national consumer, continuing with the global digital transformation offered by The Cloud Group.

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