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SEO positioning: how do I climb to position 1?

Today SEO positioning has gone from being a fad to practically a necessity. They are strategies that will help your company or brand to position themselves better in search results and as a consequence you will get more sales and better results in general. However, the million dollar question is "how do I get to rank one?" Do you know what to do to get among the top positions when a person performs a related search? We will give you some suggestions below to make it happen.

1. Optimize your website

A key to improving the speed and load times of your website is that it is optimized for SEO.

This is important because one of the elements that influence SEO positioning is how long it takes for a website to load all its elements while the user is browsing.

Imagine the user experience if they have to wait minutes and minutes to enjoy the content on your website. You probably lose your patience and click elsewhere. Google will take this into account for its rankings and you will be negatively affected.

Posicionamiento SEO

There are many ways in which a web page can be optimized. One is to upload light weight images and videos, avoid duplicates, upload the sitemap, and check the robots.txt file to make sure there are no directories blocked from being indexed by search engines.

In addition, it is important that your website has AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages that will allow it to be optimized for both its desktop and mobile versions. A SEO consulting A professional in the field can help you determine which elements deserve to be optimized on your website.

2. Offer content of interest

The best strategy to attract new people to your website is by creating content of interest. It is part of what is known as "White Hat SEO" and to be effective you have to create a content strategy.

This should be attractive to your audience. In other words, you must attend to what you are looking for, to the doubts you have, to what you need to know on the internet. In this way you can appear among the first results in Google.

For this to be even more effective, you will also need to use a keyword strategy that you include in these texts that you will create and publish regularly. You can rely on applications like Ubbersuggest, Google Keyword Planner and more that are free to use.

3. The content must be of quality

In addition to being interesting for the reader, the content that you create and publish on the website must be of quality. It is not enough to treat topics superficially to get out of the way. There should be minimal effort to create posts with topics that offer value.

When Google crawls you, it will determine that your content is relevant so that your website has original and interesting content and that it meets what your post is looking for. In addition, the user will be grateful for having found answers to what they were looking for and will read you and perhaps return later to consume more content, subscribe or make a purchase.

4. Combine texts with graphic resources

A positive and well-rounded web experience includes not only interesting textual content but also graphic components, such as images, videos, infographics, and more. In addition, the use of these resources will also help with SEO positioning because they are a support for people to better understand the subject in question and facilitate reading.

5. Encourage participation

Another way to achieve the first position in Google results with SEO positioning strategies is by encouraging the participation of people with the content you publish.

One way to achieve this is through the quality content that we talked about earlier. This will motivate people to leave comments, doubts and participate with the content.

The comments and opinions section can be an open space for debate and sharing ideas. In case no one starts the conversation, you can be the one who invites readers to leave their impressions, doubts and more in the section designated for it. It can be at the end of the article by way of closing with an open question.

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Another tip to achieve interaction is to place share buttons on social networks so that people can share with their followers, email or WhatsApp. Do not forget also the calls to action or CTA (click to action) that invite people to perform a specific activity and help with conversion.

Learn more about this and other topics at our blog. If you want support to improve the SEO positioning of your website, contact today at The Cloud Group where we are ready and willing to assist you.

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