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SEO: What should I expect from a consultancy to be effective?

First of all, what is an SEO consultant? A consultant is a person who from his experience in a specific professional area advises others on that matter. In the case of SEO consulting, this person will advise an individual or a company on which are the best SEO strategies to carry out in order to improve their results in search rankings and achieve more visits and, therefore, higher sales. organic, that is, without advertising or paid campaigns.

How can an SEO consultant help you?

Mainly, an SEO consultant can help you get your website to appear in the first Google search results. This person has enough knowledge about how search engine algorithms work and what needs to be done to make organic strategies work for your brand.

Probably the person who gives you SEO consulting is not the one who in the end carries out the detailed activities that must be done day by day so that the positioning improves, but they will know how to determine what your brand or business needs in this case. This person's main goal should be to help you.

Consultoría SEO

In addition to this, it should advise and advise you on what are the best decisions to make for your project, as well as listen to your concerns and needs. In order to do so effectively, this figure must soak up the business, study the sector you belong to and want to become one of your team.

The SEO consultant will continuously analyze your website, as well as its keywords, meta tags, among other technical aspects as well.

What to expect from an SEO consultancy?

In addition to the aforementioned, you should expect the following from a company or professional that offers you SEO consulting.

1. Realistic expectations

If the SEO consultant promises you Google positioning in a few weeks, he is most likely not being sincere. This is something that takes time, requires patience and months to give some results.

Of course, each project is unique and what works for one does not necessarily work for another, but generally organic SEO positioning takes a long time and is sometimes not even successful (in achieving the first results).

"SEO is marketing and no form of advertising or marketing" guarantees "its operation because no one can guarantee with 100 percent certainty how many consumers will respond", you can read in

2. Strategies must be legitimate

Many people and SEO consulting companies implement strategies that are not legitimate, known as Black Hat SEO. Although they can generate results, if Google notices it, your website will be penalized, it could even be banned from search engines. It's a very high risk to take and you don't want it to happen to you. Make sure that the strategies that are implemented are from White Hat SEO.

3. The best keywords

The company or SEO consultant should present you with the best keywords to use for the strategy. They must carry out a detailed study of those phrases or words with the greatest opportunity to achieve organic positioning.

In the same way, they should suggest changes to your website in order to make it as optimized as possible for search engines. Some of these modifications could include meta tags, URLs, site map, images, content, create new sections or delete some, among others.

4. Monitoring of results

Finally, you will want to know about the results of your project and if your investment is bearing any fruit. That is why the SEO consultant should give you regular reports showing the results that are being obtained and where there is room for improvement.

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