5 ideas to include TikTok in my social media strategies

TikTok is one of the most used social networks by young people now, since the environment on this platform is attractive. Therefore, it is ideal for brands. Of course, it is essential that your profile adapts to your product or service; That is why we will teach you how to include it in your management of digital marketing

Why use TikTok in your social media strategy?

Currently, it is one of the social networks with more than 1.5 billion users in the world. Hence, it is excellent if you want to reach your target audience in more daring ways. 

In addition to your content having a greater reach, your followers will see what you offer as something close. And it is that this tool is constantly growing, in a way that allows you to expose yourself to new audiences. 

On the other hand, the formats that it incorporates are very striking, since they adapt to ads, videos and hashtag trends. So it's great for your social media plan, so get organized and execute the following procedure in 5 days.

Day # 1: Analyze your audience

First of all, keep in mind that 41% of the users are between 16 and 24 years old; study their tastes, interests and habits. By doing so, you will be able to create a plan that will help you position yourself in the minds of people who will soon have great purchasing power.

Day # 2: Register and optimize your account

Seeing that your potential consumers use this network, you download it and register. Next, you place a profile photo that represents your brand. Then, you describe what you do in your biography, include a link to your website and add a corporate hashtag.

Day # 3: Prepare a content plan

Define the tactics, what you are going to upload to your account and try to involve your users with what you promote. As this social network is based on user generated content, it encourages your community to generate content that is related to your product or service. 


  • Upload videos of your facilities or training your team. 
  • Create tutorials on how best to use your product or request your services. 
  • Design a simple challenge that is fun and increases its reach with the help of a tiktoker that has an audience according to your brand. 
  • Discover and form communities through hashtags in English. 


In fact, if you locate the “Discover” section, it is easy for you to join any trend. Thanks to this, it is easy for you to reach more interested people, which increases the reach of your profile.

Day # 4: Use TikTok Ads

Advertising for businesses on TikTok boosts views of what you share. That is why we recommend that you carry it out through the following ad formats. 


With Hashtag Challenge you challenge your followers to try whatever you want and post a video with a certain tag. Now, with Branded Effect you motivate them to interact with your brand through templates. If you use In-Feed, your videos are up to 1 minute long, so everyone can like and share them. 


On the other hand, with Brand Takeover, you break into the start of your users' application with an ad that covers their entire screen. Whereas with the TopView you get excellent visibility, as it is possible to put sound, visual effects and narrative on them. 

Day # 5: Analyze the results of your activity

As you have to do with all social networks, here it is also essential that you measure the engagement of your content. Well, these metrics help you make decisions to improve what you publish. 

By doing so, you increase the chances of being accepted by who you want. In short, executing a marketing plan hand in hand with this tool can catapult your brand. And, if you are targeting a young audience, it fits like a glove! 

Expand your business through social media

With TikTok you reach your audience seamlessly, you just have to be creative. Therefore, in The Cloud Group We have professionals who guide your company to integrate with the RRSS. Contact our team and clarify doubts and concerns to your audience in an entertaining way.