How much does an SEO consultancy cost?

With social networks, today we all know a little about positioning, although many do not even know what it is. However, this goes beyond tags and the use of keywords. Google has become so smart that it has diversified its criteria for positioning, so this practice has also had to evolve. That is why the SEO consulting has become a very popular freelance service.

Many have dedicated themselves to studying the search engine algorithm, plugins and all the factors that can affect search results. There are even training plans that throw professionals in the area. And although many interested parties are searching the Internet for someone who can guide them in this changing world, there is still a question that few can answer: how much does this service cost?

servicio de consultoría SEO

What is SEO optimization?

Entering digital marketing will lead us sooner or later to the term "Search Engine Optimization", better known as SEO. If it has not yet been the case, we will tell you ahead of time: it is a practice that allows you to increase the quality of the content you publish and, therefore, its positioning in search engines. This, in turn, increases visits, the general visibility of your business and, of course, sales.

Basically, an SEO consultant could help you distribute keywords and phrases on your website so that it responds to search intent on the major engines. It could also help you to edit an existing platform but that does not contain SEO elements that favor its positioning. It could even help you develop your own digital marketing strategy.

What should an SEO consulting service include?

Consultants can do audits to assess the status of a website and generate reports with recommendations to improve it. But, in general, these are the most common services they offer:

  • Study of keywords and study of the competition

Perhaps the most basic service that SEO consulting should include is the study of keywords as well as the strategy implemented by the competition. In this way, we will be able to know what has worked for them and what we could do to reach and overcome them.

  • Optimization of the technical aspects of the content and the web in general

Usually, this service makes us think only of keyword writing and distribution. However, it is much more detailed than that and may even reform or propose improvements to the architecture of the platform and the structure of the URLs that make it up. And it is not only important to provide real and quality content, but also to provide a comfortable website through which to navigate in search of more.

  • Website maintenance and updating

A very important aspect and still unknown by many is obsolescence. Google's algorithms worked for a long time based on keywords, but that's history of the past. Today they are much more sophisticated than they were a decade ago, and they are updated so frequently that it is sometimes difficult to keep up.

Professionals dedicated to this field can also take care of maintaining your website; for example, to repair broken links. You can also update your platform by implementing new elements valued by Google, etc.

And it should be noted that, on young platforms, this may not take as long; but when there is a lot of content published, this task is laborious and requires the use of recent tools and knowledge.

This is the price of an SEO consultancy

However, the cost for these services can vary substantially as it happens in other sectors. Aspects such as years of experience, professional training and references in the sector can contribute or reduce the price of SEO consulting.

And we cannot forget the nature of the requested services. Maintaining a website with thousands of entries does not necessarily cost the same as maintaining a more punctual website. To this we add the frequency with which the service will be required and the resources that it merits.

So, in general, we could say that the SEO consulting service ranges between €100/month and €800/month, with an average of €450/month. And although it seems a bit high for many, there is something to keep in mind: it is a long-term investment. Over time, the income should exceed the investment.

As you can see, the price range is quite wide due to the factors already mentioned. Aware of how varied the sector is, at The Cloud Group we adapt to your needs. Do you need advice? raise your doubts our team of experts and reformulate your marketing strategy now.

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