5 reasons why your landing page should be essential in your marketing strategy

He landing page is an essential element in any strategy digital marketing. We don't say it just to say it, we do it because we have proof that they work and that without them attracting potential clients would be very difficult. After years of experience, we can say that there are five reasons to take into account so that you can be convinced that landing pages are extremely necessary in your marketing campaigns.

1. Increase conversions

High-quality landing pages result in a higher number of conversions. Whether it's subscriptions to your newsletter, registrations, downloads, lead generation or something else, when you implement landing pages they experience high conversion rates.

Remember that a landing page does not guarantee a higher conversion rate. Instead it provides you with the necessary tools to improve it.

landing page

2.Reduced cost per acquisition

Cost per acquisition, also known as CPA is the total cost of acquiring a new customer. There is no universal cost to get a customer, but it is usually lower if you have a landing page in use.

Landing pages increase conversions and help produce a high return on investment, ROI. In addition, we have seen that these also increase the registrations of Google pay-per-click, PPC. This results in a lower cost per click, which also lowers the cost of conversion and CPA.

3.Display and optimize your offers

Every offer needs a site where people can enjoy them and landing pages are the ideal space for it. Depending on your marketing strategy you will have different offers to show, promotions, upsell, means, webinar, among others.

The information you collect and share on the landing page will vary depending on the type of offer you're looking to highlight the most. Because of this, you will need flexibility to change the fields and some part of the structure of it. You can't leave design and copywriting aside, so perhaps a universal template for all the landing pages you need to develop won't work.

Lastly, your offers will require a shareable and recognizable link on your landing page.

4. Scale marketing

Through the use of landing pages you will be able to scale your marketing without having to implement more resources, money or time. In the old days, building landing pages took a lot of time and money, however this is not the case today.

This has already been made very easy, fast and affordable. Creating and publishing new offers and pages on your website is possible with tools that help you achieve this and thus increase your marketing efforts without spending much time or effort.

5. Try new ideas

You have the option to invest the resources, money and time to build an entire website for something you are offering to your customers and you want to see if anyone is interested. But a smarter way to do this is by using a landing page to validate audience response and collect feedback on an idea to see if spending money on it is a good thing or not.

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy today, implementing landing pages is a must. These offer you the opportunity to increase conversions, reach more potential customers and quickly add new offers to your website.

Landing page trends in 2022

Among some of the trends that will be seen this year and that you will want to implement with your brand as part of the marketing strategy are:

  1. Interactive landing pages.
  2. Conversational copywriting.
  3. Inclusion of explanatory videos.
  4. Customer testimonials.
  5. Forms where only the email is requested.
  6. Inclusive and gender-neutral copywriting and forms.
  7. Animations.
  8. Abstract designs and striking colors.
  9. Pastel colours.
  10. vintage aesthetic

How to start implementing landing pages?

The ideal is to work closely with your marketing team or a company that takes you by the hand throughout the project. A landing page goes beyond its design, structure and the offer it contains; You have to know the target customer well, the benefits you offer and how you are going to hook him.

For this reason from The Cloud Group We are at your disposal to provide you with the necessary support for the marketing of your company or project. Contact us!