Tips for paid campaigns on TikTok

According to Sensor Tower, during the turbulent 2020, TikTok became the second most downloaded app globally, ranking only after WhatsApp. And although it remains virtually unknown to many people, it has not gone unnoticed by the ever-open eyes of leading companies. With more than 800 million active users every month, this controversial application is an ideal community for ambitious digital marketing strategies.

When we come across a new social network, as ordinary users, the main thing is to learn how it works. As a brand, this objective goes beyond simple curiosity, and focuses on identifying the interests and needs of the public: what do the users of the application like to see? Are there potential customers for the brand? Can they be attracted from other platforms? But, above all, how to convert them into our customers?

The more people, the more visibility. It is precisely for this reason that many entrepreneurs, big brands and influencers have ventured into social networks. TikTok, in particular, offers many useful image creation and expansion features (beyond its numerous filters) that are worth considering.

But a space within the platform is not particularly cheap. TikTok currently charges $1.4 million for ad campaigns on its home page. This means that, if we venture into it, it is better to do it well. 

Well, just as there is no magic formula to be successful in all aspects of our lives, there is also no magic formula to generate sales overnight in this app. However, there are some keys that can certainly generate effective paid campaigns within TikTok. We explain them below.

The 9:16 ratio is the norm on TikTok, don't break it!

The vertical format of the videos on TikTok is practically a hallmark that distinguishes it from others. Not for nothing did Instagram implement a similar feature called Reels within its platform. And although it seems that the proportions of the content are irrelevant, they are not; remember that humans are very visual.

So if you're trying to create paid campaigns on TikTok, this is a feature to consider. With a 9:16 aspect ratio, you will demonstrate your ability to adapt and make the most of a new app that continues to confuse many and optimize the user experience. This will increase the chances that they will become followers and subsequently loyal customers.

More is not always better: avoid sharing videos that are too long

Twitter, with messages with such a limited number of characters, became the most conducive place to express opinions and thoughts. TikTok, with videos of a maximum of 60 seconds, has achieved something similar. 

Interestingly, extensive content is not the most recommended within the platform; instead, videos between 10 and 25 seconds seem to be more effective. At the end of the day, users are not looking for a documentary, but rather some fun. With so much to see, we definitely don't want to spend too much time on just one.

Auditory branding: in tune with musical elements

TikTok is nothing like Spotify, but it has powered virtually unknown artists. Even those who don't use the app have found themselves singing or humming the songs that are repeated over and over again in the millions of videos within the platform. And many of them will also remember the content that accompanied it, and even the account that published it.

Music plays a crucial role in captivating users on TikTok and is therefore an essential element in making paid campaigns more effective. Auditory branding will attract other users and, in the process, help you build a strong image and gain relevance among the competition.

Keep up with trends; on TikTok there are expiration dates

In digital marketing, talking about norms is a bit incongruous, but identifying new patterns can definitely help improve your advertising on TikTok. Times change and with them trends, and it is precisely these that brands must take advantage of to generate commitment on the platform. 

Keeping up with world or local events, taking advantage of international or important dates for certain groups, and even supporting or rejecting certain ideologies, are just some of the strategies that brands often use to make themselves known or expand their presence on the networks.

We know it sounds simple, but the story changes a bit when it comes time to put it all into practice. Fortunately, in The Cloud Group We are here to help you throughout the process and guarantee paid campaigns for your brand on TikTok and other social networks. ¡Click here and start an effective marketing strategy with us!

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