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5 things artificial intelligence can do for your business

First of all, what is digital marketing? We can define it as all those actions and strategies that are carried out through digital means to attract new sales or promote a product or service. These virtual channels can be web pages, blog, social networks, video, advertisements, among others. It is a discipline that has transferred techniques that were used in the offline world to the online world, but in this case a very particular characteristic is the immediacy and the enormous opportunities that the internet offers to promote a company or brand.

However, artificial intelligence is not as new as it sounds. The website Destination Business He says that the origins go back to 1996. It all started with Deep Blue, an IBM supercomputer that could play chess against a person.

In addition to being able to play chess, she could also learn by doing and improve herself with the information from the games she was having.

inteligencia artificial

Uses of artificial intelligence in companies

As artificial intelligence can learn from your experiences, create hypotheses, remember results, and much more, it is very useful in the business world. For example, they can predict macroeconomic flows, they can map the human genetic code, or they can serve customer service.

It is very likely today that many of the customer service chats you have used recently are about a robot and not a person in the flesh. You also may not have noticed the difference. This use of artificial intelligence allows us to offer service to users 24 hours a day, reducing employee costs and being available to the public at any time.

Meet some jobs that could disappear due to the popularization of artificial intelligence.

Below we want to show you five uses that you can give to artificial intelligence in your business:

1-Customer service

As we mentioned earlier, today artificial intelligence is often used for customer service. One of the most popular ways is through chatbots that interact with customers. These allow us to offer precise and agile answers to answer any doubts they may have and facilitate their transactions, in the case of a bank, for example.

2-Understanding the client

As artificial intelligence learns from your experiences, it can also learn from each individual customer and understand how to best help them. What are you looking for, how are you looking for it, and what do you hope to find?

3-Customer experience

It offers a better user experience through the use of artificial intelligence. Because this technology can know what the customer expects and how to deliver it, people can have the best possible experience.

4-Greater productivity

Likewise, AI can help detect opportunities for improvement in the production and supply chain and point out which are the weak points. In this way, you will constantly improve business productivity.

5-Better security

It achieves the optimization of resources and detects any security flaw that could allow a theft or cyber attack. This is possible through the use of artificial intelligence.

“Estimates indicate that by 2030 Artificial Intelligence will have an impact of 15.7 trillion dollars on global GDP. Therefore, its incorporation into the business fabric is not only positive, but truly necessary, ”you can read in Universia.

usos de la inteligencia artificial

We are sure that artificial intelligence can be useful in business in many more ways. Everything will depend on the type of business and what you need to offer customers or leads to improve their experience as users or consumers.

Much has been said for a long time about artificial intelligence. Even Hollywood has been delighted to show in numerous science fiction films the end of the world between robots and humans. However, the kind of AI that can serve small and medium-sized industries we do not believe has the ability to conquer the world. 

That is why if you consider that you could benefit from this technology, we invite you to contact The Cloud Group where we offer advice and implementation of solutions of this type. Do not forget to visit our Blog where we have many articles of interest to you.