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Artificial intelligence and the end of the world ... is it possible?

We have seen it thousands of times in Hollywood movies: artificial intelligence rebels against humanity and kills either us or the world. But how possible can this be? According to a interview that the BBC made to the late physicist Stephen Hawking in 2014, he claimed that "the development of a complete artificial intelligence (AI) could translate into the end of the human race."

According to Hawking in the aforementioned interview, artificial intelligence has been very useful for humans today. However, if an AI capable of self-redesign is developed in the future, humanity could be in trouble.

If that were to happen, humans, unlike artificial intelligence, cannot be modified at the same speed as machines and therefore we would be at a disadvantage. Something like the Terminator, The Matrix and so many other famous movies.

Other people are more optimistic about the threat that AI could pose. Rollo Carpenter, creator of Cleverbot, told the BBC that he believes that humanity will always be able to control technology, as well as solve problems that arise in the world.

Inteligencia artificial

According to him, humanity is still a long way from being able to develop the algorithms that would be necessary to achieve complete artificial intelligence. In the same way, he also believes that it will not take many decades to achieve it.

The founder and CEO of TESLA considers it necessary to regulate artificial intelligence

Tesla is a company that produces electric cars and that has not stopped surprising us more and more. This year, even despite the situation with Covid-19 in the world, it has continued to grow. Its CEO, Elon Musk, is someone who has also had his say on artificial intelligence.

In a Article published by La Vanguardia in February 2020, they explain that Musk has requested a legislative regulation of AI, even for which he could produce his own company. "The truth is that the main danger pointed out by critics of this technology, such as Musk, is the so-called technological singularity," says the note.

Technological singularity refers to the moment when an artificial intelligence becomes as intelligent as a human. It is there that perhaps humanity should begin to tremble.

“From that moment on, and if we stick to the rapid evolution of technology, let us remember that Moore's law indicates that every two years the computing power of computers doubles, there would be an exponential growth of artificial technology. One of the scenarios that are contemplated is that it would quickly improve itself by creating a superintelligence, ”wrote La Vanguardia.

Musk also warned of the danger the world poses if nuclear weapons were to be in the hands of an AI that spiraled out of control. For this reason, a few years ago Google patented the idea of creating a kind of "red emergency button" in case an artificial intelligence begins to behave in an aberrant way.

What would happen if the technological uniqueness occurs?

Many people in all parts of the world are trying to answer this question. While technology improves the quality of life of man, could it also cause its extinction?

In the article cited above by La Vanguardia it is said that this does not necessarily have to happen, but it cannot be ruled out either. It could happen that a superintelligence arises but does not wish to attack the human race, as in science fiction.

Impact on daily life

Currently, artificial intelligence does not pose a threat to the human race, but we have been able to see how for some time it has had a negative impact on the lives of some. By this we mean jobs that have been replaced by robots and those who are threatened by the same in the near future.

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