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Artificial intelligence: 9 professions that can be replaced

For several years now, artificial intelligence has been more and more present in our day-to-day lives, perhaps without you even being aware of it. They have even replaced some jobs previously held by people. A very popular implementation today is that of chatbots, for example, through which companies have replaced customer service personnel with a robot to attend to minor incidents and questions. Given all of this, you may be wondering if other jobs are in jeopardy from artificial intelligence as well.

What jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence?

1. Insurance sellers

There is already software developed by IBM that can analyze and interpret data, unstructured text, images, audio and video and thus calculate what an insurance company must pay. In Japan, this is already a reality at Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance company and the IA replaced 30 employees.

2. Bank employees

It has been several decades since the ATM emerged and with it the replacement of some bank employees, but it is possible that the other jobs in this area will also be replaced by artificial intelligence. It is believed that sooner rather than later an AI will be able to transact with cash, open accounts, process credits and much more. All of this, of course, at a fraction of the cost of hiring human capital.

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3. Financial analysts

Today there is already software capable of performing complex financial analysis and anticipating market trends. Even AI has become even more efficient than people in this task and that is why the position of financial analyst is in jeopardy in the near future.

4. Construction workers

It seems incredible but it is not. There is already something called SAM technology that can lay up to 1,200 bricks a day. Compared to the 300 or 500 that a human can place, it is really a super useful artificial intelligence for construction sites. However, you will need at least one person to operate the SAM for more subtle tasks. Likewise, crane operators and shovel drivers are other jobs in the construction sector that are also at risk from the advance of AI.

5. Shelf repository

The task of the grocery store clerk in charge of replenishing inventory that has been depleted on the shelves could soon also be replaced by a robot. There is already a robot called Tally that scans what products are missing from the shelves and replaces them.

6. Jobs in agriculture

Workers in the agricultural area are already being replaced by robots. Some can even milk cows, sow, weed, among other activities that until now have always been carried out by people.

7. Drivers

There are already self-driving cars and these could begin to replace traditional taxi drivers, for example. The Uber company is already testing this type of car and Singapore already has dozens on the streets in an operational way.

8. Journalists

Writing is no longer difficult for artificial intelligence. The Associated Press news agency has been using software since 2014 that writes quarterly income reports. There are even other software capable of writing press releases and researching what are the trending topics to create content calendars to be published on web pages and social networks.

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9. Movie stars

If you saw the Star Wars movie Rogue One, you will have noticed the appearance of Princess Leia, originally played by Carrie Fisher. Through computerized methods and an actress who served as a model, the young Fisher could be recreated for the interpretation of this role. In this way, resurrecting actors who have passed away, or simply creating them entirely with computerized methods, can replace the role of a flesh and blood actor.

And we can name other professions! However, we don't want you to panic. It may be that in some countries and companies they are beginning to replace employees with artificial intelligence, but there is still a long way to go before it is something global and generally implemented. Anyway, if you are a young person who has not yet decided what to study, you can opt for something where creativity plays an important role or where decision-making necessarily has to come from a real person.

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