What should I take into account for a guest post strategy?

Participate as a guest in the Blog of someone who publishes content similar to yours is a method that has been maintained over time. And it is that, by executing guest post you have a presence in different media and you also host guest posts in your digital space.

Participating as a guest on the blog of someone who publishes content similar to yours is a method that has been maintained over time. And it is that, by executing guest post you have a presence in different media and you also host guest posts in your digital space.

What is a guest post strategy about?

The guest post is a technique of online marketing and of networking, that when you know it thoroughly you will want to put it into practice. Yes, thanks to this method you can create quality content in order to have great visibility, increasing your online reputation.

At the same time you increase the number of contacts you have, since you establish relationships with other bloggers. So it is a very complete technique. But, there are several things that you should keep in mind while applying this very advantageous plan.

Key details when executing this online marketing technique

  • At first it may seem easy to start collaborating, however, as in any method, planning is also required here. Remember that by applying the procedure, both you and others must gain something. 

    So whether you're the host or the guest, apply the tips you'll see shortly. By doing so, you not only avoid bad results, but you save time by executing actions that are successful.

Study your competitors

It is essential that before being a partner and collaborating on another website, you do an analysis. Thus, in this study you check if the other party competes professionally with your profile or with the business model you use. 

The most practical and ideal thing is that you get blogs that complement yours. For example, if your blog talks about how to manipulate professional social networks, do not apply it in a similar space. 

Instead, look for one that helps your audience make infographics, professional videos, and images that grab attention. In other words, team up with other experts who develop themes that complement your portal.

Contact without intrusion

If you are the one who takes the initiative to contact to carry out this modality, try to be prudent and timely. Do not impose your wishes or overwhelm the other party with repetitive and continuous messages. Think about the fact that there may be people who do not pay attention to you. 

What can you do in these cases? Look for other collaborators, following some recommendations that help you find users who are interested.

  • Investigate your relatives, since with known colleagues it is easier and it is possible to expand the circle. 
  • Accept the guidelines, whether you start or already have experience, do not impose your criteria or correct the colleague in their collaborations. Remember that everyone has their style.
  • Regardless of whom you have contacted, be accessible, strive to be both friendly and transparent.


Quality is essential

Although the interest of different users is to create links, the most advisable thing is to make quality content. Therefore, verify that your information and that of your contacts add value to readers. It is a new opportunity to boost your business, so you should never decrease excellence, but increase it. 

Responsibility opens doors

You will never need just once, new projects always arise and sometimes some are more promising than others. So we advise you to take care of your relationships with the experts and the means with which you apply the method.

Use your RRSS being generous

If any colleague gives you a space on their blog or collaborates on yours, learn to be generous. Avoid thinking that this is a favor. Share the data that has been created as a team on your networks and you will see how both parties benefit.

When starting it up, don't make these mistakes

It would be irresponsible of us not to tell you about possible mistakes when focusing on guest posts. Given that they are mistakes that many make, but that you have to prevent. 

  • Guest blogging is not the same as exchanging links.
  • Avoid self-centeredness.
  • Build relationships to last. 
  • Do not neglect little-known media. 
  • Pay attention to proposals from beginners. 
  • Update your blog constantly. 


Why should you implement the guest post on your blog?

Although the procedure has been used for a long time, it is still interesting. It is not unusual because when it is put into practice correctly, it generates many opportunities. If you want to start, you need to be willing to maintain it over time. 

Hence, if you want to activate this modality and need assistance, do not hesitate to ask our specialized staff for help. comprehensive marketing. At The Cloud Group you find the digital support you need.