Web design thought of the user: Phases for a successful implementation

Currently, the Web design is increasingly focused on offering personalized experiences to users, as segmentation becomes an essential element when inserting a product or service into the digital market. Developing or modifying a component of a website with the aim of improving its virtual interaction is something that is gaining a lot of strength today and allows SMEs, brands or personal firms with less reputation, to position themselves in their niche thanks to the approach frontal and direct that they can offer to their target audience. In addition to this, if digital spaces complement known information with valuable content through interactive and responsive interfaces, this will increase the interest of users and potential customers, turning said websites into a point of reference thanks to the exclusive material they provide. .

What should be taken into account in web design for users?

if you are one SME or a web designer who is just beginning to develop professionally or commercially in this area, you must understand that this type of work is determined by the behavior of the audience even if it seems redundant.

Knowing their needs, objectives and characteristics is vital to develop a proposal for multiple technological possibilities that allow them to improve their virtual experience on our online sites.

Although the design of these cyberspaces must have: Easy handling and reading of visual elements, friendly and intuitive interfaces, adaptable formats, as well as short loading times. It is necessary to apply methodological procedures that allow going beyond an empathetic attitude when establishing the functionalities and characteristics of a website.

What are the phases of a successful web design?

1. Planning: Through a methodology (generally playful) and logical thinking based on group collaboration and empathy, a scheme is outlined that allows understanding, observing and defining the needs of the audience in relation to the product or service, as well as their interactions. with these.

In this sense, the phase includes three levels of organization, namely:

a.Design: That is, style, concept, content and graphic aspects of the website.

b.Prototypes: Versions of the design that are updated or improved as bugs or errors are found.

c.Evaluation: Inspections that are carried out during the elaboration or modification of the prototype design to guarantee the most effective and optimal response possible in the final result.

2.Implementation: At this stage, the compatibility and scalability of the design must be more than proven to ensure a positive response when presented to the target audience.In this sense, the development of an advertising campaign via email, banners, or through the indexing of search engines or web directories, should be part of our launch to measure, in a broader way, the interactions of users and clients with our brand, company or product.

3.Follow-up: Once the design is launched, it must be continuously monitored to interpret the information that emerges from it. This will facilitate the optimization or maintenance of visual elements if necessary, either due to technical failures or lack of interaction with them.


In summary, the use of user-focused web design becomes more important every day as the audience becomes more aware as a consumer of what a product or service is capable of offering.

The better it is recognized as part of a segmented virtual community, it will be unavoidable to develop new strategies or advertising campaigns that allow us to get closer not only to the public, but also to our business objectives and their concepts.

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