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SEO Agency in Madrid: Optimizing SEO on social media?

Can SEO be optimized on social media? The truth is that there is a great debate about whether or not search engines like Google index the content and texts of social networks. Google itself has repeatedly said no, but perhaps they are not telling the whole truth. In the end, nobody really knows how their algorithms that decide who goes to the top of the ranking and who does not work. Let's talk about this and more in this post. Our SEO agency in Madrid has experience in the area.

Although the SEO that is done through a blog and the optimization of the content and technical details of a website is very useful to achieve organic positioning in the search results, there are other things you can do on the networks social and that they can also work towards this positioning.

Keep social media profiles active

One way to help your brand SEO through social networks is by keeping your accounts active. Check that your company or brand information is up to date: contact phone numbers, emails, website, among others. Also, it is not worth leaving a profile on social networks. Incorporate an update plan yourself or through an SEO agency in Madrid.

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Do you use emojis on social media? If your answer is "no" then it is time to incorporate them. The reason is because they allow you to better connect with your audience. This, in turn, will bring more visits to the web, which helps SEO in general.

Social media profiles do appear in Google searches

Specific posts may not be indexed, but social media profiles are. Let's say you have a brand that sells glow-in-the-dark shoes and you are a leader in your niche and sector. If someone searches Google for "glow-in-the-dark shoes," your network profiles will likely show up in the results.

In the long run, this can generate significant traffic to your website, improve its rankings and as a consequence increase sales, etc.

Searches from social networks

You will have done it before for sure. It is very common to use the same social networks as search engines to find companies, brands, businesses, products, services and more. For this reason, if you are not there, you could be missing great opportunities. A brand present in the networks can appear in searches made by users of the same and get more visits to your website.

Another benefit of frequently publishing content of interest is that you will have more opportunities for it to be shared by users. If you connect with your audience, they will want to know more about you and what you offer. In addition, a snowball effect could occur from the networks to your website.

Specific actions to improve SEO in social networks

  • Grow your community and get new followers. Use social Ads only to reinforce your organic strategy.
  • Share quality content. Do not share to share, make it relevant and useful.
  • Optimize all your posts. This is one of the most important factors in social networks. Make a good title, a good image, develop a good copy, make good use of hashtags.
  • If the content is good, you will get external links. Link building is essential in any SEO strategy.
  • Maintain regularity. We know that day-to-day activities can frequently overwhelm us, which is why perhaps to maintain periodicity it is more convenient to work with an SEO agency in Madrid. Whatever you do, don't let long periods of time go unpublished.
  • Don't forget to measure. In this way you can optimize, improve and grow.
Agencia de SEO Madrid y la optimización del SEO en redes sociales

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