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SEO: 5 other myths to leave behind, it's time to decide!

A short time ago we brought you 5 SEO myths you should stop believing but we still had some outside. For this reason, today we bring you five more myths so that you can start this 2021 with the information of the actions that do work and put aside what does not. Read on because SEO isn't going anywhere this year. It will continue to be a trend for marketing companies to achieve content positioning in search engines in order to attract more sales and spread the brand in the online and offline world.

What other SEO myths are completely false?

Adding to the list that we published a few weeks ago, we have these five more myths that are important to know:

1. Use meta robots tag to specify which pages are indexable

You should already know that the robots.txt text file is in charge of telling the search engine bots which sections, pages, links, etc. which ones you should index and which ones you should ignore.

There is a myth that if you don't specify in this file which pages you want to index, the robots won't. It is not like this. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have to update the robots.txt every time you upload a new blog post!


Ideally, you should only use this to block bots from indexing something that you don't want to appear in the results, if necessary.

2. Top-level domains help to obtain better rankings

A top-level domain occupies the highest position in a hierarchical domain name system. For example, we can say that most users will recognize a .com as an extension but may be confused if they see .group (as we do).

However, this is because 98% searches bring up .com domains. But it is just a myth. We believe that the only reason Google prioritizes one domain over another is because of geographic location. For example, a .es is clearly a domain from Spain and the algorithm will assume that it is more relevant content for the Spanish audience than a .com that is more global.

3. An SEO agency will help you get results faster

Is this one of the SEO myths? The answer is yes and it is because nowadays NOBODY can guarantee to obtain the best ranking organically in search engines.

This does not mean that an SEO agency does not serve other very useful things, such as keyword research, benchmarking, reports, metric analysis and more.

There is no way to know what keywords people will place in search engines tomorrow, it is impossible to predict. For this reason, there is no magic formula, other than doing the best job possible on an ongoing basis.

4. Guest blogging died

Absolutely. Guest blogging is simply a post by a guest author rather than a regular writer for that website. How can Google tell the difference from who wrote it? What is penalized today is creating content that is low quality and repetitive.

5. No need to search for keywords

Other of the great SEO myths that are read out there: no need to search for keywords. The truth is that it is important to search for keywords to focus your content, but for this reason you should not put aside the objective of your articles and your audience.

By thinking about your potential reader, you can enrich your texts with phrases that they could be placing in the search engine to find answers to what they are looking for. It is not only about keywords but also about key phrases.

These are just five more myths about SEO, but would you believe us if we told you that there are still more?

It seems then that we will have to make a third installment so that we can introduce you to all the SEO myths that are out there.

We invite you to our Blog so that you read other articles of interest and do not stop contact us if you are looking for an SEO ally to help you achieve all your goals for this year. We will wait for you!