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Artificial intelligence: Myths and truths, robots vs humans?

Artificial intelligence has evolved more and more over the years and together with human imagination and science fiction, it is not surprising that people come to imagine a moment when machines go to war with humanity or that we lose our jobs since robots are going to replace us. While it is true, there are some professions that could be replaced in the near future by AI, there are millions of tasks that necessarily have to be performed by humans. But the truth is that we cannot blame those who are afraid that in the future we will meet Robocop or the Terminator because, if there is an issue that has been exploited in Hollywood in all possible ways, it is that of robots vs. the humans.

What myths exist around artificial intelligence?

First of all, before we name a few popular myths regarding artificial intelligence, let's really explain what artificial intelligence is all about.

AI is simply an imitation of human intelligence reproduced by machines. One of the main objectives is that they are able to reason for themselves instead of drawing logical conclusions and hypotheses.

Today we can see artificial intelligence in our computers, smartphones, IoT devices and others. According to the website Hardzone, astronomy has fundamental support from AI.

Inteligencia artificial

"It has played a very important role in the discovery of the planet Kepler-90i in 2017 by NASA / Google, and in fact it was the debut of this technology in astronomy," they explain in an article on artificial intelligence.

So what are some myths surrounding AI?

Myth 1: Machines are going to replace humans in the world of work

This is perhaps the most popular myth, as we said at the beginning, thanks to the world of entertainment. There is a notion that machines and people are in competition for jobs, but it is just a myth.

Despite the fact that there are thousands of robots that work today and that effectively over time have replaced some functions that were previously performed by people manually, it is impossible that we will be completely replaced.

For example, industrialization caused machines and robots to be placed to streamline the production process in factories and improve quality. Today you see many chatbots that are used for customer service.

Myth 2: artificial intelligence is going to take over the world

Is it possible that it happens as in Terminator and Matrix that the machines control the humans for them to take over the world? How real can this be?

This idea is based on the assumption that machines can become more intelligent than humans and therefore end up wanting to annihilate us. Elon Musk, the president of Tesla, warned that to prevent that from happening, it is advisable to regulate the field of AI development.

However, it is believed that a robot cannot and will never have the same level of intuition and emotion as people.

Myth 3: Machine learning and AI are the same

Another myth of artificial intelligence is that it is a synonym for machine learning and it is not. They are terms related to each other but unlike AI, machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence through which people train robots to recognize patterns based on data and thus be able to make predictions.

Myth 4: artificial intelligence is the same as a robot

This is another popular myth. Many people out of ignorance think that artificial intelligences come only in the form of a robot. We imagine R2D2 or C3PO or whatever we have seen in the movies.

The truth is that artificial intelligence is applied in all areas of technology, not just robotics. For example, the facial recognition and fingerprints of smartphones are examples of AI that are not robots.

So at the moment there is nothing to worry about with artificial intelligence conquering the planet and displacing humans, but it would be relevant to control the development of AI, as Musk proposes.

Inteligencia artificial, humanos vs robots

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