Custom plugins for WordPress: know the 10 most outstanding for an e-commerce

In the computer world, plugin custom are snippets of code specific to a given program, site or online browser that allow us to add new features or optimize existing ones within them. Currently, there is a great variety in the digital market that greatly helps us in the design and functionality of our web pages, while contributing to improving the user experience. If your company is an e-commerce, and you are looking to improve the management of its content and design through WordPress, here we mention some of the most outstanding plugins to start positioning your business. 

But first, let's get to the basics: All you have to do is insert the link of the website you want to measure, sign up, verify your profile via email, and you're good to go.

What types of custom plugins can we find for WordPress?

The most outstanding at a general level are four. These are:

  1. From statistics: They allow us to perform metrics on our website. 
  2. From email marketing: They offer calls to action, inviting users to a certain subscription.
  3. Of security: They help protect the information on our site.
  4. From backups: They make backup copies of the information stored on your website.

What are the 10 most outstanding plugins for an e-commerce in WorPress?

  1. woocommerce: With it, you can create your first online store. It will allow you to control the stock of your products, configure shipping amounts according to location, send invoices, among other functions.
  2. Shopify: Using the plugin for this e-commerce platform, you can sell the products you have on it within your digital store designed in WordPress.
  3. Memberpress: It is a plugin that can be combined with Woocommerce and LearnDash LMS, another plugin that works for online courses. With it, you can sell product subscriptions, membership plans, PPV (Pay Per View) content, and more.

4. ecwid: Designed for small businesses, it will also allow you to build an online store within WordPress. It has several subscription plans.

5. WP ecommerce: First plug-in for WordPress that allowed the creation of a virtual store. Despite being less known than Woocommerce, it offers the possibility of working with various electronic payment methods. It is optimized for SEO positioning. 

6. classiceditor: If you are a web developer, and you want to start your own electronic store from scratch, this tool will allow you to stick with the basic editor of the content manager (WordPress).

7. duplicate post: If you want the same structure on your website, this plugin will make things easier by cloning elements.

8. Yoast SEO: It serves to optimize your page through SEO positioning and thus give it relevance in online search engines.


9. Elementor Page Builder: In addition to facilitating SEO work, it is a tool that works as a visual builder to design your online site.

10. EasyDigitalDownloads: Allows you to manage and sell digital products. It offers more options focused on online sales than Woocommerce, and a broader interface than the latter.

Why is it convenient to develop custom plugins for e-commerce?

Generally, there is a lot of functionality in the default plugins that is not relevant to our online store. For this reason, some prefer to hire web developers or companies that create or modify them to get the most out of them. 

In short, there are a lot of custom plugins for WordPress if you want to start your e-commerce. However, to take advantage of some of them, we must know basic programming concepts that perhaps not all of us handle.

If you are interested in someone who develops or improves these plugins for you according to the potential offered by your business, The Cloud Group can help you with this task.

Finally, if you want to know more about development of software and professional programming, do not forget to access other similar articles on our blog.