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Firing customers: It could be the best decision for your company

Depending on the level of maturity your business has, it is likely that you still do not know that firing customers can be one of the best decisions you make for the management of your company. When your business is very young and has little history, we tend to think that all clients are our key to business growth and because of that mentality, we cling to any client, feeling that losing him would make us close the company and put an end to our business or professional career, but this is very far from reality, in fact, keeping clients that you know are not the right ones, can delay or mitigate the growth of your business. If you want to know how to identify a bad customer and improve the robustness of your business, keep reading.

Types of "bad" customers to fire

1. The slaver of Egypt

It is undoubtedly one of the most disappointing of all, because at the beginning it is all beautiful, it is very affectionate, gentle, polite and elegant, but at the time of work think that by paying a service or a monthly fee, you have your freedom, your time and that of your entire company, working 24 hours a day 7 days a week without respecting your schedule, your personal space (call whatsapp, phone, home ...) at first it may be just due to stress or because you have done something wrong , but if this happens more than twice despite having made it clear, you should know that it will not stop doing it.

Despedir clientes

2. The leather seller, who did not know how to hunt

There is a saying widely used in the business world that is "Do not sell the bear's skin before hunting it", this phrase probably defines and accumulates the 30% of the entrepreneurial population, and they obviously fail in the attempt. If from the moment they haggle you, they start to negotiate and sell you a better future in which they will be able to pay more, than if their company grows, yours too, “you have to help each other”, “today for me tomorrow for you "... you have to skip the Warning and not think" a bird in hand is better than a hundred flying ", because this type of client is deceived by his own idea and if you are not careful, he will submit you without realizing it in his time sink (no of money because he took care of haggling you ...).

It is important that you get used to filtering your clients, partners, employees or strategic allies, that magic filter can mean the difference between having a fruitful business or being a toxic element in your life. It is important to have clients who know what their business is about, what they do, what they want to do and where they are going, if not when they arrive at the port they told you, they will make you return to the starting point, and this can be an infinite loop, for That is very important that you filter and realize if it is really selling you smoke and there will be no "better future", focus on your business and do not want to live on your customers, because that will make you very dependent and very weak in front of them .

Despedir clientes

3. The Honoris Causa

They say that an informed client is one of the best things that can happen to you in a company, and we say "it depends", and it depends on the level of information and the perspective that this client has. If it is the typical one who says all the time "I have a lot of programming knowledge, but I don't do it because I don't have time", "I really know that wordpress is super easy but I have so much work that it doesn't give me", "Based on my studies and experience, I consider that the price you have given me is very expensive", "I have studied 2 degrees, a master and a doctorate and I am very clear about my business, so I hope you are up to expectations "," Will you do this with technology x or y? ".

This client does not normally create problems if you do your job very well, but if he is the type of person whose grandmother raised him with great affection, you will have a tremendous problem! They will constantly haggle you, ask for combinations of your services and products, remove a tab to save € 30 and in the end, they will never see your work as something solid and of added value. He is a client who must be closely monitored, and requires experience in management and customer service because he will be super demanding, detailed and picky at extreme levels.

4. The super busy customer

Many times we associate being busy with being successful or productive, and therefore we understand a client when he cannot serve us, does not reply to emails or we have to be behind him as if we were the only interested party. This client is SUPER DANGEROUS, it will lead to delays, hidden expenses, many hours wasted in calls, emails, insistence ... and worst of all, as he is super busy, when he is free, you will have to adjust to him, and if not, you will be generating negativity of the type "Deep down they don't have very good customer service, they could never see me ...", "They have too many clients and they can't cope ..." and at the end of the day, it will be your fault, if the website is late, It will be because you have had administrative problems or because you have managed things badly, which will generate a lot of stress, bad vibes and toxicity in the company. Think that if a client does not have time to dedicate to the project that they have hired you, you should not have it to have clients like that either.

5. The rude and disrespectful

It goes without saying that badly educated people are a problem for any business in which you want to establish a good vibe and a good atmosphere, but if we are talking about a client, you have to be very careful. If you already have workers in your business, and you decide to tolerate a badly educated client because he pays well, or because he is promising you great growth, alliances, expansion in the future ..., think that not only will he be badly educated with you, but that he will be with each and everyone in the company, so you can generate a feeling of lack of protection, weakness, bad leadership and a host of other things in your team or staff. Your company is your TEAM, if it feels humiliated, mistreated and receives constant disrespect, the moment will come when you think "My boss prefers to collect money than for me to work happily", which ensures that you are climbing towards the debacle of your business at full speed.

Dsepedir clientes

These clients usually have no cure, they come with that defect already inside them and the best thing you can do is take them to your field if you have experience in managing conflictive clients, keep them away from your most sensitive workers and lead them to fight with your best warriors who give it a bath of humility and professionalism, if you still do not have people on the team who are not affected by these things and fight the client, you must say goodbye as soon as possible, because if you could not be sowing a seed of destruction in your company, and you know that the greatest empires were destroyed from within.

We could put many more examples of conflicting clients but in summary they all generate many problems, anguish, without flavors and will make your business experience more unpleasant so focus on your business, make you happy and be profitable, if your focus is in your happiness respecting others, you are persevering and above all, you fire when you have to fire customers, you will be leaving room for the good things in business life, if you cling to the same thing even if it is bad, you will be moving away from your area of improvement which for businesses in the 21st century is deadly.

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