What elements should be taken into account for logo design?

He logo design It is one of the most important jobs in the digital area since many companies that want to open a space in the virtual market require the construction of a meticulously detailed logo, or else, its renewal to get closer to their audience. But before selecting the right person for this task, and knowing the most important elements to improve or redesign our visual identity as a brand, personal signature or company, how do I know what type of logo is appropriate for my company?

First, it will be necessary to identify the type of logo you want. This is something very simple at a theoretical level, since there are four ways to make logos today, namely:

1.Isotype: It is the symbol of your brand, company or personal signature. It is devoid of text or title.

2.Logo: This is the conversion of text or words into an image.

3.Imagotype: It is when the visual composition is achieved thanks to the use of the image and the text. However, these work in isolation or separately.

4.Isologo: It makes use of text and image in a grouped way, so both are intrinsically related.

Logo design: What elements to consider for greater digital visibility?

Once you are clear about what your type of logo will be, it is necessary that it meets the following characteristics to achieve a greater impact on your audience:

  • Minimalism: If your visual identity does not show simplicity when viewed, understanding what you offer as a company or brand will be more difficult, especially when presenting your products or services. Ask your trusted designer not to use more than 3 colors when renewing or establishing your logo, as this factor can greatly hinder its reading or interpretation, even though it may not seem like it.
  • Perdurability: A reliable company or brand is characterized by the fact that its visual identity is imperishable over time. This is achieved through a synergy that implies: An easy-to-read typography, easy-to-recognize minimalist graphic elements, as well as through the use of colors or color psychology.
  • Immanence: In short, our logo must have a "something" that makes it easy to remember and unique from the competition. If we manage to combine color, typography and graphic elements with ease to our visual identity as a brand or company, it will be captured in the memory of the audience for decades or even forever.
  • Coherence: If our business concept, as well as the values, objectives, products or services are not capable of being synthesized through the logo and transmitted through it, then it is time for this to happen.
  • Credibility: Beyond what the image and text themselves mean, it is what is behind them as a brand or company that completes them. To generate trust in our human talent and audience, it is necessary for the logo to be synonymous with the quality of what we provide or offer: experiences, products, services, etc.

In short, logo design is vital if we want to begin to position our brand or company within digital spaces, since it will allow us to convey both to users and customers in a summarized way, the reasons why they trust what we do or we offer.

Remember that thanks to virtualization, it is now much easier to carry out tests or surveys to measure the popularity, effectiveness or understanding of your logo, something necessary to find the precise visual identity for your business concept, as well as your business values and objectives. What do you have in mind.

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