How to get the most out of corporate websites

There is no doubt that social networks have become an ideal setting to publicize our business and get customers. However, many experts still recommend creating corporate web pages. Why?

Well, these are a useful and effective tool to present our brand and, specifically, the services or products we offer. Also other data of interest (and no less important), such as the vision, the mission, the location and even its contributions to the world beyond the sale.

Although it may seem like an expensive and expendable step in the midst of the social media revolution, the reality is very different. The role of a website goes beyond the objective of generating sales. We could say that it is another example of sophistication and reliability to encourage customers.

In fact, creating it offers a wide variety of benefits in the medium and long term that we should not underestimate. Among them, increase in the scope of the brand, being able to even reach an international public; reinforcement of the corporate image; as well as obtaining better informed customers.

But how to achieve these and other benefits provided by corporate websites? As in almost any business, it will be necessary to be detailed and learn about the market. To better guide you, we present some useful tips.

Look for a sophisticated design and avoid saturation

A website of any type must meet two requirements to be attended: have an attractive, simple design with relevant information; and at the same time, it must be arranged in an orderly and sophisticated way. The same firm Adobe affirms that the 40% of the netizens they flee from web pages that break with these fundamentals.

As definitely not all of us have knowledge in design, it is best in these cases to hire a professional in the area who does it. What we transmit through the site could motivate more people to visit the site (and contact us) or make them flee from us and our product or service.

Keep the website up to date

Updating is a key point to get the most out of the corporate web pages. And if you don't believe us, answer this: what impression would it give you when entering a platform with posts from three months ago? What many would think is that their services have ceased, that they are on vacation or that it is not very easy to contact them through said channel.

We must give signs that we are alive and working continuously, but remember the issue of saturation: presenting too much information could be counterproductive. Planning your posts and offering content that resolves search intent could help. A little content marketing never hurts.

Contact information: include a contact section with the company

If the home page passes the test and the potential customer is interested in learning more about the brand, the next step is probably to find the contact section. If there is something that gives Internet users interested in buying or contracting services confidence, it is knowing that the company has a physical headquarters, telephone number, email and links to their social networks.

Another highly valued section is the one in which they are allowed to send messages directly with concerns, requests or proposals. Receiving prompt response also leaves a good impression.

Communication: facilitates interaction with customers

Which brings us to the topic of communication, which is crucial to attracting customers and, above all, to brand reputation. Contact information alone is not enough: you need to respond in a timely manner to questions raised by potential customers in messages.

The information we provide must be accurate, presented clearly and in friendly language. Nowadays chats with automated bots on corporate websites are very useful for this. It would also not be a bad idea to include a comments and ratings section where users or customers can express their experience with the brand.

As you can see, taking advantage of business websites is not a Herculean task. We could see it as preparing a place and hiring trained personnel to serve our customers. Obviously, it will require some investment if we are not experts in it, but it will be better than going unnoticed in Google. If you don't know how to do it, Click here and get advice from The Cloud Group.