What types of email marketing can be sent in strategies?

Is it necessary to send weekly newsletters to your users? Are emails with an offer the best option to optimize a sales funnel? Are email summaries any good?

Questions like these are asked every day when selecting the right format to achieve your email marketing goals.

What is email marketing?

He email marketing is a practical tool to communicate with your customers and potential customers through email, using attractive content.

For example, after I sign up for The Cloud Group's mailing list, I receive email newsletters from The Cloud Group letting me know about their latest products, stories, previews, and more.

Types of email for email marketing strategies

Various types of email marketing can be used in one strategy. This information is helpful in making a decision about choosing the most appropriate email type and how to use it.

  • welcome email

Welcome emails have higher open and click rates than standard email marketing. This can be a good way to improve your email marketing metrics.

  • newsletters

Like newspapers, newsletters create a certain expectation in readers. If readers enjoy the content, they will most likely stay subscribed to the newsletter and create a habit associated with brand awareness.

  • Dedicated emails

Dedicated emails contain information about a single offer. For example, you can notify your target audience about a new ebook you have written or invite them to attend a webinar, live or online interview.

  • Lead nurturing

He lead nurturing presents a series of connected emails with a cohesive purpose and packed with useful content for already reached customers. They can highlight retraining opportunities that relate to their previous interests based on that content.

  • Sponsored Emails

A sponsorship involves you paying to include an advertisement in another provider's newsletter or in a dedicated email.

The advantage of sponsored emails is that you can become specific when defining the customer segment you intend to reach. Now you just have to track the results you're getting and produce accurate marketing reports at the end of the strategy.

  • transactional emails

Transactional emails are messages that are triggered by a specific action that your contacts have taken and that allow them to complete that action.

For example, if they sign up for a webinar, they will fill out a form and then receive a transactional (thank you) email, which will provide them with login information to participate.

Transactional emails are also the messages you receive from e-commerce sites that confirm your order and give you shipping information and other details about your recent purchase.

  • Re-engagement emails

If the metrics show that a portion of your subscribed customer list has been inactive, it may be time to send a re-engagement email to re-establish contact and goodwill.

  • Emails with brand stories

He storytelling it can be a powerful tool for getting your point across to customers and prospects, tapping into the emotional response.

Emails that tell your brand story and can trigger an emotional response with your subscribers can help drive purchase decisions and customer loyalty.

  • Review Emails

Many clients research companies based on what previous clients have said. By sending reviews of your business to their inbox, you can build credibility and help boost your search engine results.

If a buyer is torn between two options, a handful of positive reviews may be what makes them choose you or your competitor.


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