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Email marketing: How to make an effective strategy

An email marketing strategy can be easily done by sending emails to the database and that's it. However, if you want to do things well and professionally, you will have to set goals that you will then have to constantly measure and make adjustments. For this reason we consider it important to share with you the steps you should consider to make an effective email marketing strategy.

Set the goals of your email marketing campaign

First of all, you must establish the objectives of your email marketing campaign. For example, you can decide that the emails to be sent will be to build audience loyalty, or to sell products and services. It can be to increase the number of subscribers to the database. Whatever you decide, you must define it.

It is convenient that you put percentages. That is, if you want to increase your sales, by what percentage? 15%? 20%?

Then establish the strategies to use. If you want to sell more through the newsletter then how will you do it? Will you send offers? Will you do a giveaway? Will you share video tutorials?

Email marketing

Next, decide the types of content to share. They can be news, offers, videos, articles from a blog, etc. And how often? At least once a week is recommended, but if you don't have that much content to share, it's best once a month. Remember that quality is better than quantity.

Now what you will have to decide on is the shipping plan. We recommend that you plan month by month when you will send email marketing so that you can prepare them well in advance and calmly.

What tools can I use for email marketing?

There are many platforms for sending emails in bulk and the ideal is that you study them so that you can select one that suits your needs. We name some below:

  • Mailchimp: It is one of the most recognized but its free version does not have many options.
  • Acumbamail: It is in Spanish and has many useful features.
  • GetResponse: It does not have a free version but it is a fairly complete solution for not only email marketing but also workflow configuration.
  • Benchmark Email: Includes automation and is also quite popular.

In addition, you must configure the capture form because, how else will you get the emails for your database, right? The most common only asks for the email address, but you could also request the first and last name. A form considered more professional includes the country, the company and even some other additional questions.

Tips to create effective emails

Since you know what you need to carry out your campaigns, we want to talk to you about what it takes for the emails that are part of those campaigns to be effective and achieve the desired results:

  • Must contain an eye-catching headline and generate interest to be open. With title we refer to the subject of the email, which if it does not invite to be opened, it will not be. You can offer a promise and we recommend using a close and direct tone.
  • The content of the email must be worked on in detail. Incorporate subtitles to divide the information and focus more on visuals than on texts.
  • Don't forget the call to action We recommend that it be one by email only, persuasive, convincing and striking.

Metrics to consider in email marketing

Among the most important metrics to consider for email marketing are the increase in subscribers, unsubscribe rate, open rate for emails, clicks on links, unsubscribes per send.

In addition to these are other metrics with which you can measure the conversion of those who opened your email, clicked and then bought.

One of the reasons that email marketing is still a widely used tool is because it works. It still remains, and there is nothing to indicate otherwise, one of the most effective ways to convert as part of an email marketing strategy.

Las métricas en el email marketing

According to the website Rock Content "Thanks to the advancement of marketing automation tools, this channel has become the best way to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time."

So if you would like professional support to carry out email marketing campaigns for your business, enterprise, product or brand, The Cloud Group is ready to be your ally. Learn more about the marketing services we offer and get in touch with us today.