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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: What You Need to Know Before Using This Tool

Sales Navigator is a digital extension that allows segmentation of leads through LinkedIn, a social network that seeks to connect companies and people. It was made with the purpose of getting closer to potential clients in our market, statistically improving the sales of our company or personal firm. According to Ander Werckmeister, writer of the article LinkedIn Sales Navigator: What It Is and How It Works, this premium tool has the objective of facilitating the search for users through the filter configuration, storing customer lists, offering notifications of interest about your niche and allowing the optimization of your marketing campaigns within the social network.

What are the benefits of Sales Navigator?

Although most people use LinkedIn to find a job or hire human talent, this paid tool (generally used by companies and CEOs) considerably expands your benefits as a user, among which we can highlight:

  • Increase in 45%, the opportunities of entry and search of clients.
  • It allows you to link your LinkedIn account with CRM data (customer relationship management), which facilitates access to more timely and immediate information.
  • It provides a wide variety of filters, which will allow you to segment the search for new leads in a more comfortable way.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Provides the ability to enhance existing relationships with old contacts by using personalized messages.
  • Evaluate the marketing efforts made by the social network through indexes and social sales metrics.
  • Improve the global strategy related to the inbound marketing of your business or personal firm.

What features does Sales Navigator offer?

The possibilities offered by this tool to improve search results in terms of leads are many, a matter of knowing how to manage it according to our business interests. Among its most outstanding utilities, we have:

  • InMail: Email or direct message version of LinkedIn that allows you to get in touch with potential clients or professionals who have interests similar to what your business needs.

Take into account that to achieve the effect you want, you must review the profile in detail and write a unique and personalized message for each person.

  • Advanced searches: As we mentioned before, segmentation or search filters is one of the main characteristics of this premium LinkedIn extension.

Some of the most important are: Keywords, location, profession, and company size.

  • Notifications about job changes: It allows to know which people have changed or abandoned their jobs, depending on the business interests and the filters that have been applied to know this aspect.
  • Know similar: That is, the tool is capable of offering you a prospecting of professional profiles or relevant clients according to the similarities it has with your business or personal brand.
  • Search in groups: Many experts agree that LinkedIn groups are pretty bad because of the terrible content that most offer.

However, thanks to the application of certain filters and algorithms that only the premium extension offers, it can provide the possibility of finding quality profiles within these spaces.

  • Featured posts: Filter used to find content that is related to what you need from a corporate point of view. It is also an instrument that can lead you to relevant profiles.
  • Search storageIn short, it allows you to save the results you have accessed and return to them when you need them, without having to re-enter the same terms in the LinkedIn search engine.

In summary, if you are thinking of including Sales Navigator in your company or digital signature, this may be the best time to consider it due to the multiple benefits and options it offers to improve your digital marketing strategy inside or outside this social network.

Lo que debes de saber para usar LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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