5 reasons to work on your digital presence now!

Although physical stores still have much to offer customers, the current global reality has made the trends very clear: the digital presence is crucial for any brand, whether emerging or established. Therefore, working on it is a priority, and how much more do it the right way!

Social networks have evolved and are no longer just used to share memes and connect with people from other sites. Going through Facebook and Instagram these days is the equivalent of entering a shopping center without having to leave home or work. And this, in fact, is quite advantageous for both businesses and customers. Here we explain why.

1. Improve the visibility and recognition of your brand

Anyone who has browsed the controversial social networks will have come across an online store, even without intending to do so. The algorithms have become so sophisticated that they lead us to those accounts that can offer us solutions.

This is one of the reasons why it is essential to work on the digital presence of a business. Doing so can bring you closer to potential customers without the effort that traditional methods would require. The investment is minimal compared to paying a sponsor or chasing prospects on the streets.

2. It allows you to connect closely with prospects and customers

  • Although it sounds crazy, today having a brand does not only pursue the objective of generating sales. Of course, monetary profits form the basis of business profitability, but simply selling a dry product is not enough.

    Now people are much more critical about what they buy. With the information bonanza that the advent of the Internet has brought, prospects can click on any search result on Google; but in future opportunities they will directly visit those sites with more useful and real information. Your brand should be among them, which is achieved by working on the digital presence. 

    Then we have the communication channels, which must be varied and according to the target audience. For example, 75% of millennials say that their presence on social networks significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

    So, in addition to the Facebook fan page and the website, your brand should have phone numbers, an email address, a link to an Instagram account or other networks of interest.

3. Increase sales of your brand

Of course, the increased visibility and recognition of our brand will also have an impact on the traffic in the accounts and website. This, together with a pleasant and intuitive interface, useful content that resolves search intentions (such as a blog) and quality service will motivate many to venture to buy.

4. Working on your digital presence promotes customer loyalty

The close connection can turn prospects or shopping adventurers into loyal customers who will recommend your brand to others. As we have already said: it is not just about selling, but about making the public feel (and see) that there is real concern about solving their needs. Remember that we always return to where we are treated well.

5. It connects you with new market trends

Nowadays, it is not enough to simply fill the catalog with prices, available colors, materials and delivery times. Buyers want to know what sets each product or service we offer apart.

The public even wants to know how their decision would benefit their interests; for example, the fight against animal cruelty, against climate change, against racism and in current inclusion efforts.

To this we add the interactions with the users of the platform. These not only generate trust in the community and improve the positioning based on the algorithms, but also take us into current needs: expand payment methods, improve shipping times or optimize customer service.

Knowing all this guides us in the arduous but satisfying goal of becoming the reference in the market. Hard because it requires dedication, knowledge of social networks and extensive market research and not everyone is prepared for it.

Fortunately, at The Cloud Group we have a specialized team in the area that can outline the strategy to follow to improve your reach on the networks. Click here, Do not hesitate to contact us.