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Social Networks: Why Are They Important in the 21st Century?

Social networks are digital communication spaces that allow interaction with one or more users in real time, which makes them interactive and unlimited by nature, be it through a smartphone or traditionally through a computer. Nowadays, they allow sharing content through different formats, while conversations are held on one or multiple topics in common, giving immediacy to the information we generate and consume. According to a study on social networks in 2020, carried out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Spain (IAB Spain), an important global association for communication, advertising and digital marketing, WhatsApp was one of the most used networks in the world during 2020, followed by Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

What does this mean? That it is becoming more and more essential to communicate in writing, orally, or through video calls by these means, while we share information in real time with our friends or family from any corner of the world.

What are the current benefits of social media?

Experts in this area speak of five advantages in particular, regardless of their uses and format:

  • They allow us to communicate for free and with practically anyone in the world who uses a social network similar to ours.
Redes sociales
  • They generate collective intelligence and promote creativity through the approach of topics, which can become monothematic, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary.
  • The social is what is relevant in these spaces: they transcend language barriers, as well as cultural, religious, political and economic ones.
  • They facilitate the incorporation of strategies for collaborative teaching at the educational level.
  • They improve our vocabulary and even allow us to learn a new language.
  • They improve digital skills, expand the way to search for information and help develop critical thinking at a professional level.


What is the importance of social networks today?

  • They allow us to socialize. In an age where interacting physically or face to face has become complex as a result of a global pandemic, many people use these spaces to be close to their loved ones.
  • They bring us closer to people with interests similar to ours. If we have a digital profile, this will allow us to connect with others on a professional, personal, family and even emotional level depending on the objective of the network.
  • Facilitate document and file transfer. Sending photos, e-books, music and videos has never been so fast and easy thanks to these spaces.
  • They make social inclusion possible. How? Through its ability to participate simultaneously and from anywhere in the world, be it by means of a mobile phone or a personal computer.

Why is the correct management of social networks necessary?

The misuse of them can be classified as crime. In addition to this, it can cause a certain dependence on digital environments, which can translate into distractions during work hours or in other activities that require our utmost attention.

On the other hand, they can distort the identity of an individual not only personally, but also professionally. The same can happen with a brand from a corporate point of view. This aspect is linked to the purpose of the network and the content that is shared on it.

In summary, social networks, in addition to being professional tools that allow us to position a brand or company to reach more users or clients, are also spaces that facilitate communication and interaction with people, according to the purposes they pursue and the rules. establish their communities.

It is important that before approaching them we know how they work, what they are for and what their purposes are, since although they all share similar benefits, it is necessary to determine how we will take advantage of them depending on our professional or business needs.

If you need advice on the subject, The Cloud Group can help you improve your visibility in this area by designing strategies according to your target audience.

Importancia de las redes sociales en el siglo XXI

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