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Social networks: Trends marked by the coronavirus in 2021

Social networks came a long time to stay and here they remain despite everything that has happened on the planet since the end of 2019 with the Covid-19 coronavirus. We are already in 2021 and the world is still battling this virus that has reached all corners of the Earth. That is why this is one of the most powerful influencers in terms of trends in networks for this year. Why? We can name several reasons, the most important being social distancing and the obligation of companies to rely primarily on their virtual business model to survive.

What are the current trends in social networks?

According to Eva Rodríguez, Director of the Graduate Program in Professional Influencer at iEBS Business School, the content generated by the user, in English UGC or User Generate Content, is already one of the great protagonists.

The main reason is given by the ease that exists for users to generate their own content, something that is very evident with social networks like Tik Tok. And with that come the challenges for brands that must compete with ordinary people creating content but with a more professional touch.

Redes sociales

Another change that has already been evidenced, clearly influenced by the global situation, is the replacement of these large face-to-face and networking events with others that can occur on digital platforms. Tools like Zoom have been key in this, being one of the distance meeting companies that grew the most in 2020.

For now, massive corporate events will not return and telecommuting has arrived, at least in the meantime. All this has led to a change in the way of consuming content on the part of the audience, which prefers digital to traditional ones and has understood that new ways of addressing brands have emerged and vice versa.

New sales strategies in digital format

Also know as digital selling, digital sales will this year be the main column of strategies through social networks. It is not enough just to be on the internet, you have to compete with others in the medium and look for effective ways to differentiate yourself from them.

The key will be to combine social media, SEO, and content marketing along with banner ads. All of this fueled by high-quality original content, effectively served to the target audience.

In addition, this trend will not be unique to B2C businesses, B2B companies also join the change and the current moment. Those who fail to do so will most likely see their business suffer or could go under in no time.


The rise of eCommerce

In view of the quarantine imposed in many countries and the impossibility of making physical purchases, eCommerce has been emerging exponentially. What's more, experts say they have already reached the levels that had been predicted for 2025.

Clearly the growth has been triggered by the pandemic, which has forced new online shopping habits on people who previously avoided this method. Entrepreneurs have seen an opportunity in this and have been motivated to create new companies, brands with original ideas, despite the difficult situation in which the world is involved.

However, this is probably the process acceleration that was already underway. The digitization of physical stores is something that was already happening gradually, but it ended up happening in a more radical way at the moment. In the same way it happens with the automation of processes.

Finally, we can say that what will happen this year remains to be seen. It is even likely that a new social network will appear on the table and become the new boom, who knows?

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