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Christmas marketing: 8 effective actions

First of all, Merry Christmas! From The Cloud Group we hope that on these dates you can share with your loved ones and take a few days off, if possible. We also want to give you some marketing tips at Christmas so that you can take advantage of this time and increase your sales. You still have time! So get to work because the Christmas momentum continues until the end of the year.

Why do Christmas marketing?

The rationale is that people are more likely to spend and receive promotions at this time of year. They are thinking about what to give their loved ones and maybe they have received a job bonus and have extra money to spend.

In addition to this, people are more susceptible to sensitive messages and therefore many brands take advantage of it to carry out advertisements where emotions are the protagonists. Companies will seek to intensify their marketing campaigns at Christmas to take advantage of the impact they may have.

For this reason, we want to bring you today eight tips to take advantage of this time with the aim of increasing your sales before this year is over. You are ready?

Marketing en navidad

1. Special gifts

Thank your followers on social networks, your customers and suppliers for having been with you throughout the year. In addition to thanking them, you can give them a special gift, something that they really need.

It can be a free webinar, a big discount, a gift coupon, or even frequent raffles that may have multiple winners.

2. Offer discounts and promotions

Another option for marketing at Christmas is to offer irresistible discounts and various promotions that would only be valid during the Christmas season. While this will likely make you less money per quantity sold, you could be earning by volume if your offers are good.

3. Create an app

This idea does take a little more time, but the goal would be to create a mobile application designed exclusively for Christmas. For example: build your wish list, a game with Santa, among other ideas that you can come up with.

4. Post funny videos

The perfect platform today to do this is TikTok or using Instagram reels. Funny or funny videos can attract attention and can go viral. You can even create more elaborate audiovisual pieces and upload them to a YouTube channel.

The goal is to create emotions associated with your brand that can move your audience and at the same time promote your company, products and services.

5. Don't forget email marketing

Remember that email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies when it comes to marketing. Therefore, do not put it aside for your marketing campaign at Christmas.

Marketing en navidad, algunas acciones

In addition to being able to communicate your promotions and offers to your database, it can help you to consolidate your brand in the minds of the people who receive the emails. Do you remember how we recommend thanking your customers? You can do it with a personalized email.

You can even take advantage of and send a satisfaction survey to find out what they think of your company and what things you could improve next year.

Do not forget to use emojis and Christmas elements to make the entire email marketing campaign much more attractive.

Nowadays it is essential to include social networks in any type of marketing strategy you carry out, and Christmas is no exception. You can adapt the cover and your profile photo to the Christmas occasion or publish content associated with these dates (as we are doing with this post).

7. Benchmarking

It is important to always see what the competition is doing so that you do a better Christmas marketing campaign than they do. Evaluate what offers they published, if they are making announcements or not, if they have "adorned" their brand with Christmas elements.

8. Christmas decoration

Finally, add some Christmas element to your site, such as falling snowflakes, a banner with a message of solidarity, you can even modify your landing pages of the sales funnel so that they have colors and elements associated with Christmas.

Again, we hope you have a happy holiday season and that your brand continues to grow during this time. Read other articles in our Blog that will surely interest you and contact The Cloud Group where we are still active during these dates, ready to support you with your marketing ideas.

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