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Marketing: Go one step ahead and know the trends for 2021

The year 2020 has already ended and 2021 has started with new challenges and possibilities ahead. For this reason and as we always want to offer you updated and relevant information at all times, we want to talk to you about the marketing trends that await us soon. What many of us agree on is that last year has been one of the strangest we have ever lived. This has triggered events that probably would not have occurred or at least not in the abrupt way in which they occurred. This year that many celebrate is over has exposed the fact that many companies and organizations were not ready for digitization.

This crisis has accelerated digitization and there is no doubt that it is here to stay and continue to advance. For this reason, we are going to analyze what the trends will be for this new year that has already begun.

Marketing trends for this year

To begin with, as we have already seen during this crisis, webinars and all kinds of digital events have proliferated, practically all focused on capturing leads. This has really meant a great effort for companies since these types of events are not so simple to organize. By not being face-to-face, they focus on providing an entertaining experience that keeps the audience attentive. There is no doubt that in 2021 they will continue and take them to the next level with great preparation behind.

In the same way, the data indicates that the video game sector is gaining more and more weight and that companies have not missed this opportunity. This is no longer only limited to the digital product placement that some brands had started to use, as they have realized that approaching the consumer in this way is very attractive and does not generate rejection.

Thus was born the concept of social gaming marketing. In this way, the brand manages to get closer to the consumer by providing entertainment, increasing engagement exponentially. What's more, many brands have already opted to create their own video game. You dare?

On the other hand, when companies began to lay the foundations of storytelling and integrate it into their marketing strategies, consumers have let us know that they are tired of hearing stories and want to see how they are put into practice.

Nowadays, it is not enough to sell a product or a service, and both Millennials and Generation Z know what they want: experiences.

Companies like Coca Cola or Bic have put this strategy into practice.

Is storytelling dead?

We are going to put an example. As many of us already know, what Coca Cola really sells is happiness, so he took the opportunity and during Friendship Day he put a soda machine that could only be purchased with the help of a friend. This simple fact mobilized many people to approach the mall where it was found and post videos on social networks about that fact, which is why it went viral. However, let's not panic, storytelling continues to sell, but both strategies must be alternated to achieve optimal results.

Tendencias de marketing para el 2021

Finally, we are going to tell you about Shoploop, a platform created by Google that has been going strong. Giants like this search engine have realized that Tik Tok sells. This is already a fact. Therefore, they have taken this reference to create a platform with short videos of people using the products they offer and giving their opinion about them. It is currently only focused on cosmetic products and available in a mobile application, however, they are already working to adapt it to desktop consumers.

What do you think of these new trends? At The Cloud Group we can help you not get lost in this ever-changing ecosystem and keep you updated on all the news.

Do not doubt contact us and we will explain how to make the most of your resources and carry out digital marketing strategies successfully. Also visit our Blog and know other articles of interest!

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