Know these graphic design trends for 2022

Times change and, with them, the way of seeing things. That is why different branches of knowledge and science also have to reinvent themselves and adapt to new thinking. Graphic design is not exempt from it and we observe it every year with the innovative resources with which brands win our hearts.

This year will not be the difference, and less after a stage of changes like the one that has marked the pandemic. Now that we're in full swing, it wouldn't hurt to start learning about some of the trends with the most potential to impress our eyes in 2022. We'll introduce you to them below.

1. Great fonts

Typography consists of writing using different types of letters and calligraphy in order to highlight something that you want to communicate. Indeed, it is something we see everywhere: from school books to promotion ads in physical stores and social networks.

It is one of the primary resources in printing and design, although the way it is used has changed dramatically over the years. This 2022 we will see it oversized and combined with the trends that we will mention throughout this article.

tendencias de diseño gráfico para 2022

2. Letter cutting

The first trend of graphic design that looks out for 2022 is called letter cutting. As its name indicates, it consists of using cut words or fonts in combination with a variety of other design elements. The goal is to provide dynamism in a comprehensive design rich in elements that intermingle harmoniously and attractively.

In fact, the letter cutting it is not a particularly novel style. We've seen it for years on horror movie posters, criminal cases, and even on music album covers. In Asia it has also been used repeatedly for different artistic manifestations, including manga. But after a time in the dark, it has become a trend again and designers will probably do their best to reinvent it.

3. Minimalism and textured materials

A 2022 full of striking designs, high contrast and a great creative effusiveness is glimpsed. We say "goodbye" to sobriety and we say hello to everything that wakes us up and leaves a mark on our minds. 

For this reason, another of the trends that can be seen is the combination of minimalism with textured materials. Of course, minimalism denotes a certain simplicity, but if it is introduced with more realistic elements, the effect is captivating. It consists of including a real image on a simple background and highlights the attributes of the brand with unexpected textures that connect with the basic concept.

The combination of these two techniques seems counterproductive, but the result is totally positive: a forceful design capable of providing the added value that so many brands yearn for.

4. Semi-realistic illustration

We all admire a person capable of making portraits by hand, and in the digital world the story is not very different. Semi-realistic illustration is one of the most used techniques in different aspects of graphic design; in fact, we've enjoyed her on "Star Wars" posters for decades. And although it is a bit traditional, it is also among the design trends for this 2022.

As its name indicates, it consists of creating images very similar to reality, but with a clearly artistic touch. This can be achieved either from real photographs or by illustrations done by hand or digitally. Whatever the case, the goal is to combine the richness of photography and illustration to get the best of both.

5. The use of vector shapes

Whether for advertising, artistic reasons or the need to transmit information of any kind, the goal is almost always the same: draw attention. And what better way to do it than by bringing dynamism to the design in question? To do this, it can work to implement loud vector shapes, a trend that, for sure, several designers will join this year.

We refer to elements with vector form, or formed from vectors, as we would notice in a physics book. The effect could even be the same: the public should be trapped in the tangles of vertices or in a simple but well-played geometry.

Each of the trends mentioned can be used separately or in combination. If you want to implement them in your brand to increase your sales this year, don't despair; you are in the right place. Click here and get in touch with our graphic design team.

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