What can SEO do for web positioning in Madrid?

Anyone who has done searches related to another country with the Google search engine configured for their region will have noticed that the results were not what they expected. When this happens, it is not necessarily due to a scarcity of content, but to geographic components that are known to play a key role in visibility.

A web page arises through the SEO supported with original content and good semantics when applying keywords is essential. But there is an aspect that is rarely talked about and that is essential: local SEO.

As its name indicates, it is a set of search engine optimization strategies in which the objective is to improve the positioning of a brand within a specific location.

Obviously, if our business offers services only in Barcelona, we must try to increase the visibility of its website within this area. That is what we will explain next. To understand it better, let's imagine that we are an entrepreneur trying to improve our web positioning in Madrid.

Local keyword search

Keywords cannot be missing from this type of strategy simply and simply because it is with them that potential customers search for products and services on Google. Improving web positioning in Madrid will require doing a thorough search of the ones most sought after by customers who are within the area.

In digital marketing, knowing and using the right tools at the right time can save us a lot of time and headaches. To search for keywords for local SEO, it is convenient to use the keyword planner. Google Ads, which allows a complete analysis that includes the search frequency, its history, click rates and, therefore, study the competition. 

This, as well as other tools such as autocomplete and Google suggestions, will allow us to make a list of potential keywords for our business. Next, we should include location-related terms that make them much more specific. 

We could approach it with an example formula: where (verb) in + (location), or (store of) + (product name) + in + (location). Applied to our example in Madrid, it would be: where to buy in Madrid, or electronics store in Madrid. And yes, at this point we have to put ourselves in the shoes, mind and fingers of a client; we have to think like him.

Create a complete profile on Google My Business

  • The next thing is to make use of another popular tool from the most traveled search engine: Google My Business. Anyone who has searched for the name or location of a business will have come across a file that contains useful information for customers: opening and closing hours, detailed address, location on the map, website address, photos of its facade and even qualifications of the service or product offered.

    All this information is of value to customers, so having a presence within Google My Business is essential in a local SEO strategy. A good web positioning in Madrid would be achieved through it. Not only will this improve trust in your business, but it could also help others stay up-to-date with any new developments. 

Use vertical portals to improve positioning

With the rise of social networks and Google Maps, many might think that vertical portals have gone out of style, but the reality is that they are still useful tools to increase visibility on the Internet. 

Google generally favors them in their listings. That is why creating a profile and maintaining interactions within these platforms will not only improve the positioning within them, but also the search engine.

Do link building

If we are interested in improving the positioning of a website in Madrid, it is also good to have allies, so the link building 

It cannot be missing in our strategy. Linking to sites that offer services or information related to the sector in which we are operating will indicate to Google that our brand has a certain level of credibility, which will favor its location in the main results.

But as with everything in SEO, these types of resources should not be abused, but used in the most organic way possible so as not to scare away the search engine. And as many think, it is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, if you have any problems or doubts about local SEO, The Cloud Group is here to help you. Do not be late,take advantage of our advice to improve your ranking!

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