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How to enhance your brand through digital branding

My digital brand? What is that and why do I need it? Since it is a question that you have been asking yourself, keep in mind that before launching a product or service on the market it is very important to have defined the identity of your brand, in addition to the target of people you want to reach. Additionally, do you know what is the need that you want to satisfy? All of this is relevant to make your brand a powerful and competitive brand in the digital business world today. It is a digital branding strategy that includes defining details such as the graphic line, identity, color scheme and other things.

What is branding?

Branding is about a process of creating and developing a brand. It can include visual (where digital and multimedia design can enter), auditory and interactive aspects. Additionally, a digital brand should comply with 4 Ps:

  • Purpose: The purpose of a brand is extremely important to define it as early as possible to ensure its success and that it is lasting over time.

  • Profile: A defined brand has a profile that sets it apart from the rest.

  • Permanence: The idea is for your digital brand to remain in people's minds for a long time. So you have thought about its purpose and objective, if you show it where it should be, it will go unnoticed.

  • Depth: Depth refers to making your digital brand difficult to forget and that will depend on how much you show its qualities and through what media you have spread it.

¿Qué es el branding?
Los 5 elementos del branding

The 5 elements of branding

1. Name

Investing in your brand name and spending a prudent time looking for a unique and impressive name will bring you good results in the long run. Here are some tips:

  • Must be notorious

  • Original

  • That lasts in time

  • Must evoke the essence of the brand

  • Your name must be legible and easy to pronounce

  • Recordable

2. Identity of the digital brand

You must define what your brand is, what it does and how it does it. All these characteristics, plus their values and beliefs will shape the identity of your brand and it is what will differentiate it from other companies.

3. How the brand is positioned

By this we mean how your brand is positioned in the consumer's mind. For example, when you think of soda, which brand comes to mind first?

4. Loyalty

This concept is related to loyalty, that is, if your brand can retain its customers so that they continue acquiring their products and / or services.

5. Digital brand architecture

A brand should allow a company to organize different branding strategies for each brand and clearly identify the relationships and hierarchy that exist between them within the same company. Likewise, optimize costs and discover more opportunities for new products.

A style guide for your digital brand

The style guide refers to all the visual elements that are related to your brand and that are of great importance if you want to maintain uniformity and coherence with what you have defined and if it symbolizes and represents your brand and the group of people with whom you want to connect . What elements should you take into account for your style guide in relation to your brand?

1. Symbol

A symbol will identify a brand through graphic elements. If you are going to design a logo, it may be wise to discuss symbols with your graphic designer.

2. Logo

Every brand should have a logo that people can immediately associate with it, without having to communicate anything else. Similarly, it must be representative of it.

Una guía de estilo para tu marca digital

3. Color

Brand color should not be taken lightly, as emotionally, people connect with colors in different ways. For example, yellow and red represent fast food, when green and blue are associated with money. In this sense, choose colors that go according to what your brand wants to communicate and what it represents.

4. Typography

Finally, typography is another element that helps give the brand identity, style and personality.

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