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Web: What type of pages exist and which one is ideal for your business?

All of us who belong to the digital medium know that if you are not on the internet, you do not exist. In other words, if you do not have a digital presence, either with web pages, on social networks or in any other possible way, there is no way (or it will be very difficult) that potential clients can find you. Who uses the yellow pages to get a phone number today? Nobody! Today, people search the internet, mostly on Google, to obtain information about companies or to solve a problem that arose.

What types of web pages are there?

We can name four main types of web pages: Online stores, blogs, corporate websites and forums.

In the first case, online stores are those pages whose main function is to sell products or services online.

Currently there are many software, some even free, that allow you to create web pages of this type very easily and quickly. For example, Shopify, WordPress and Prestashop, to name three recognized ones.

Páginas web

The blogs They are another type of web page and were born in the 90s as a virtual space where anybody could share content of all kinds. Today they are often used to communicate the news of a company or as part of content marketing strategies and SEO.

Corporate websites are those where people can find basic information about a company, its products, services and get in touch with it.

Finally, forums are discussion pages where people can write their opinions on a specific topic.

Other types of web pages that exist

In addition to the types we already mentioned, there are also other pages that people usually choose.

First of all there is the portfolio, ideal for artists and creatives who need a virtual space to display their work. For professionals who work with visuals, such as photographers, artists, and designers, the digital portfolio is excellent for showing samples of what they can do. However, people who are dedicated to other branches, such as a writer or copywriter, can also benefit from a digital portfolio.

Microsites are other web pages whose purpose is to be a little brother to the main company website. They tend to have only a few pages and present a specific product or a very defined topic.


Then you have the landing pages or landing pages that are used in marketing as part of a strategy through which we bring traffic through a sales funnel from perhaps an ad or email. Here the content will focus on presenting an attractive offer and capturing the visitor's attention in order to take action.

Finally, web applications are other types of pages that exist and where a product or service is not advertised but rather the product itself. It can be an app to design, to manage a company or even to book plane tickets. Today there is a great variety of these types of pages that run in the cloud without having to download anything.

What kind of page do you need?

Since you know the types of web pages that exist, it is time to decide which one your business needs. To do this, you must define what you need this virtual space for. Then, we recommend you contact a professional who will guide you through the steps required to make this idea come true.

The ideal is to be very clear about the objectives and requirements so that the website runs smoothly and works properly for this purpose.

If you need support, we invite you to learn more about the web page creation service of The Cloud Group which we do through web design professionals. Do not stop going through our Blog also so that you know other articles of interest.