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Digital marketing: 10 steps to achieve your goals

A digital marketing strategy will be a crucial element in the success or not of a company in the world we live in today. Although traditional media are still highly effective for some products, services and niches, if they are not supported with advertising and digital presence they will not achieve the reach that they could have with it. In some cases it is even considered that digital marketing strategies are so vital and important as to determine if a business or brand will be successful in the short and even long term.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

The first thing we must do is differentiate a strategy from a tactic since they are not the same.

Digital marketing strategies refer to the plans that are made to achieve the objectives that the brand has set for itself. Tactics are the actions that will be taken to achieve the goals.

For example, a marketing objective could be to increase the customer base by 50% in a period of one year. The strategy could be to launch a service with certain characteristics that will allow to achieve the established objectives. The tactic will be to define the channels, for example, Facebook Ads, so that all of the above is achieved.

Marketing digital

Generally, a strategic marketing plan will consist of a written document where it is defined with all the details what will be the way to follow to achieve the previously defined objectives.

This document brings marketing value to the business, orders and gives meaning to the efforts of the marketing team, and helps drive tactics and results.

The metrics (KPI) to be used to know if the results are satisfactory or not are also included.

Phases to plan a digital marketing strategy

We can define three phases that comprise this process:

  1. Study phase: This is where the current situation, the competition, the market and the company are analyzed. The audience and target audience are also studied.
  2. Definition phase: It will define the objectives of the business to marketing, what it is that you specifically want to achieve and how it will be done.
  3. Action phase: At this stage, the practical execution to be used for the strategy already defined will be determined, as well as the metrics that will be used.


10 steps to creating a digital strategy

To make a digital marketing strategy effective in every way, we recommend the following 10 steps:

1. Alignment of the brand with the marketing objectives

It is important that all the actions that are carried out in the marketing plan are in accordance with the brand, its voice, its mission and ultimate reason. Everything must happen in sync.

2. Use storytelling

One of the best strategies that exist for marketing is storytelling. The idea is to connect with people emotionally.

3. Definition of objectives

Do not forget to define what the objectives are to achieve because otherwise it will be the same as being on a boat without a compass without knowing where you are going.

4. Analyze the current situation

It is important to know where you are starting from to be able to make comparisons later and really be certain about whether you are growing or not.

5. What do you want to achieve?

In terms of brand positioning, define what you want to achieve.

6. Create buyer personas

You cannot put aside the creation of buyer personas to be able to know exactly who you are addressing, what their needs are and how your product or service can satisfy them.

7. Strategy to implement

Define in as much detail as possible what is the strategy you want to implement and the tactics that will be used to achieve the objectives.

8. Tactical plan

Establish all the tactics to use and the action plan for each of the objectives set. What actions will be done on a monthly, weekly and daily basis? When will the results be measured?

Pasos para lograr los objetivos del marketing digital

9. Platforms to use

It is time to decide which channels or platforms will be used to disseminate the messages and put into action the strategies and tactics that have been defined.

10. Budget and KPIs

Finally, what is the budget you have? This way you will know how far you can go. Likewise, determine the KPIs that will help you to know objectively if you are on the right track or need to be corrected.

We know that all this can sound very overwhelming, that is why we are available from The Cloud Group to provide you with all the possible support and make an effective marketing strategy with you that allows you to achieve all the objectives you set for yourself.Contact us today!

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