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Website Design: 3 Reasons You Should Care

On other occasions we have talked about why it is necessary to have a website today to achieve digital presence and we have also mentioned some keys to good design. However, we have not touched the point yet of why it is important to worry about the design of a web page, in addition to other relevant elements that are part of the development of an excellent website, such as texts, colors, logo, typography and more. A well-designed website will convey confidence to visitors, as well as the level of professionalism of the business. For this and other reasons that we will list below, it is important to worry about the design of your website.

1. Projects professionalism

Have you ever entered a website that seems to have been created in the 90's and was never updated anymore? What about a page with a black background and neon green letters? In addition to being a very old-fashioned style, it is difficult to read and gives the feeling of being in a bygone era, unprofessional and at the end of the day, it is not going to help build confidence.

For this reason, a good web design will project professionalism and trust at the same time, which will allow you to attract new leads and close sales.

Diseño de página web

2. Make an impact and make a good impression

On many occasions, your website will be the first impression that a potential client takes of you. Imagine that first impression is the same example of a page with a black background with green letters. We don't think it will make for a very positive experience! This is one more reason why the design of your web page should matter to you since with this you must seek to impact and that all the people who enter get the best possible impression.

3. Good design builds trust

In addition to making a good impression, impact, projecting seriousness and professionalism, a good design generates confidence. As you can also use this space to publicize your products and / or services, clients with whom you have worked, testimonials, success stories, certifications, your team and much more, it is an excellent way to achieve trust in the people who visit and are considering hiring you.

Elements to take into account for a good web design


Typography refers to the fonts, size and style that are used for the texts of the website and it is generally recommended to use few variations so that the reader's eye is not distracted. In addition, you have to consider those who enter through their smartphones and who need the texts to be easy to read.


The colors of your website should not only go hand in hand with those of your brand, but they should provoke emotions in people. For example, black is often used to convey mystery, power and elegance and blue to generate confidence and security (which is why it is widely used in banks).

In addition, colors should seek to attract the attention of website visitors and a good designer will know how to put them to use in the best possible way.

Correct use of images

A page without images is incredibly boring. In addition, these graphic elements allow you to create pauses for readers to rest their eyes while they review your content. But we are not only referring to images, you can use icons, illustrations, videos or any type of multimedia content.

Navigation and usability

A website must be navigable, that is, it must be intuitive when navigating through its sections because if the visitor does not find what they are looking for, they will surely achieve it on the page of the competition.


A good web design will positively impact its SEO. The correct use of meta tags, the structure of the site and its contents, whether they are graphics or text, will help the page to rank well in search engine results.

Diseño de página web y su impacto

We hope we have convinced you of how important it is to have a good website design and how this can influence, either positively or negatively, your business.

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