How can online stores benefit me in my physical business?

Although online shopping is not a new thing, in recent years many businesses and brands have migrated to digital platforms. The online stores they are a trend that is far from going away, and both veterans and new entrepreneurs should consider them to increase their sales. 

To put us in context, according to the World Electronic Commerce Index, in 2019 alone, Internet sales generated more than 3 billion dollars worldwide. The number is quite large and promises to grow, but the benefits of expanding into the digital world go beyond increased profits.

With that alone it may sound very attractive, but many continue to bet huge investments on physical spaces, ruling out an Internet presence. That is why in the following paragraphs we will explain some of the most significant benefits that they offer both to the company and to consumers.

1. The end of geographical barriers: you will be able to sell even to those who cannot go to the physical store 

When we talk about digital presence, we immediately think of social networks, websites and purchases from almost anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. For a long time, geographical barriers significantly limited the expectations of entrepreneurs and buyers, but that is past history.

Although it sounds cliché, it is reality: the main advantage of online stores is the overcoming of geographical barriers, even within the same localities. If someone lives across town and can't get to the facility before closing time, they can easily contact the store through their web platform and arrange their purchase and delivery. All this easily, quickly and safely.

2. Expanding the reach and recognition of your brand

In the past, the best marketing strategy was to have a store located in a busy area and according to the target audience. This is still very useful today, but with much of the world submerged in your mobile phone or PC, it's not the only way.

If you have a physical business without a digital presence, it could easily be overshadowed by the competition. That is why experts recommend also creating online stores. This, together with a content strategy in social networks, SEO positioning and good customer service promises to increase reach and improve brand recognition.

3. Improving the customer shopping experience

Although the traditional, -the physical stores-, is still effective and, in many cases, necessary, the online service is about to match it. In this sense, a good support team, both face-to-face and remote, that guides and educates customers regarding innovations as well as new payment platforms or parcel companies can leave a very good impression.

Another aspect that forms the basis of an effective content marketing strategy comes into play here: identifying needs and providing solutions to customers. With this, we will not only achieve our objective of selling to them, but also provide them with a different, pleasant and safe shopping experience even from a distance.

4. Cost reduction and more flexible work dynamics

Until now we have talked about win-win benefits of creating online stores, but this one focuses more on the owners and employees. Although physical installations are useful, they carry several expenses that are, in part, expendable in digital. For example, rental of premises, purchase of real estate, security personnel and additional employees and, therefore, salaries.

This dynamic has worked for a long time, but in difficult times, or when a business starts, it is best to work with what is strictly necessary. Starting online can help reduce costs and provide a more flexible work dynamic for staff by not having to travel or stay in one place all day.

There is no doubt that digital platforms offer many advantages today. However, managing them or implementing the right strategies to get the most out of them requires time, knowledge and experience. Digital marketing is a whole world and deserves dedication. If you don't have time for it, The Cloud Group offers you solutions. Click here and get advice from experts.

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