Tips to achieve SEO positioning in Tarragona

He SEO positioning in Tarragona, it is becoming increasingly important in Spain, due to the digital growth of several companies in this province. However, and compared to other areas or cities in the country, it has been little studied by marketers or digital marketing specialists.

The reason? Many startups and/or SMEs located there focus mainly on rivaling or competing in this area, so very few offer information or statistics of interest to their clients or users.

According to the website way2net, Spain has a population of approximately 47 million people, of which more than approximately 80% use mobile connections through their smartphones to purchase products or services.

In relation to this, the development of software in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and other cities in the country has been focusing mainly on the telecommunications sector to improve not only connectivity, but also the user experience, since "the amount of mobile connections via SIM is 54.34 million”, which represents “116% of the population” today according to the mentioned website.

Now: How does this information affect digital marketing in Tarragona or SEO positioning in Tarragona? Simple: every day, mobile searches increase, and the location of a product or service becomes a vital element to compete with other nearby companies, whatever the niche or market.

In fact, and taking into account the above, the location may occupy between 30-35% of relevance according to statistics from Think With Google, so adapting this information to a mobile format becomes a priority due to the immediacy it offers users in real time.

On the other hand, this website also mentions that when looking for something nearby, 76% of people go to the place in less than a day, so geolocation is necessary for any startup or SME that wants to break through digitally, not only in the Google search engine, but in any other that is recognized by Internet users.

That said: How can I improve the SEO positioning in Tarragona for a startup or SME? 

Here we mention 4 ways to achieve it without too many complications:

Use the right SEO tools

 Remember that to achieve organic digital positioning in any online search engine, it is necessary to find the correct keywords for your website or social network, optimize the meta-titles, and develop accurate meta descriptions. Therefore, do not forget to use extensions or web pages that facilitate this task.

Pay attention to the core vitals

 That is, to the metrics that can measure aspects related to the user experience. The first input delay, cumulative layout shift and the largest contentful paint are some of the analytics you can use to start improving the SEO positioning of your startup or SME.

Develop valuable content

Social networks and blogs are spaces to create conversations with users or customers, beyond being used to inform or share topics of interest related to the company. Take advantage of the different formats they offer to interact with your target audience and understand their needs.

Provide contact information

As we have already mentioned, the location of your company, product or service has become virtually relevant. Therefore, if you want your SEO positioning in Tarragona to be effective, do not hesitate to include this element, as well as emails, telephone number, fax, and more in your Google My Business card.

In short: If you are a digital marketing specialist, or have a startup or SME within this province of Spain, and you want to increase your digital visibility or capture new leads, generate and develop strategies that allow you to optimize these aspects, it can be useful. to achieve the business or business objectives that you have set for yourself in the short or long term.

Likewise, take into account that the use of SEO tools, contact information and valuable content is essential for this task, since in this way, local users or visitors will have more opportunities to meet you.

Similarly, remember that this will greatly benefit you in any online search engine, since other users in other parts of the world will also be able to find you more easily and in the first results, especially if they use mobile formats or smartphone browsers. .

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