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Tik Tok: The social network that is booming, do you know its advantages?

We all know a friend who during the quarantine downloaded Tik Tok as simple entertainment and now it has become his favorite platform. If not, the friend is probably you. However, what we cannot doubt is the exponential growth that this social network is having, which today has more than 800 million active users per month.

The short video application of the Chinese company ByteDance, started as a news promoter and has ended up being the most valuable app in the world. Currently valued at over $ $75 billion.

To get an idea of the magnitude, the application, with only 4 years of life, is direct competition of giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks to reports published by Sensor Tower, we know that the average time users spend in this application is between 43 and 52 minutes a day and it is opened an average of seven times a day. In this way it has become the most popular application among young people between 16 and 25 years old (Generation Z).

At first glance, it may appear to be a continuous stream of entertaining content that does not follow an order or algorithm. However, it has the most sophisticated algorithms in the world. They are able to know the interests and tastes in less than 5 minutes thanks to the fact that the user is in constant interaction with the app, thus generating a lot of information with each action they perform. Due to this and its great popularity, it has managed to make companies focus their efforts on it.

Tik Tok

This platform uses the strategy UGC, User Generated Content, which is based on the creation of content produced by the users themselves voluntarily. This strategy and its proper use provide a large number of advantages such as authenticity, creativity and the feeling of belonging on the part of users when they are involved in it.

Tik Tok for business

Since mid-2020, Tik Tok has implemented the option: Tik Tok for business, a tool oriented to companies that manages to create a brand presence through it.

Tik Tok para negocios

Today, as we know, customers are increasingly reluctant to traditional advertising and to being bombarded with advertisements that do not interest them. For this reason, the application makes it clear from the first moment, under the slogan "Don't make ads, make TikToks", that traditional marketing works less and less and invites brands to join in the form of storytelling, thus exploiting all the creativity possible.

In this way, the ads look like one more video and do not create the feeling of discomfort to the user for being intrusive in their life.

Another point in favor is that by being content created by the same users, real people living real lives, telling their experiences and opinions, they manage to humanize the brand.

It has been proven that at least 41% of consumers are influenced by the comments of their community regarding the brand, so that in this way it would be possible to consolidate the pillars so that our clients trust us through themselves.

At the end of 2020, Tik Tok has made an alliance with Shopify to sell its products from this platform. Although it is still very recent, it is already being put into practice and there are buttons that allow us to make the purchase, as well as redirect to the sellers' web pages.

Large companies such as Xiaomi, El corte Ingles or even Guess have opted for Tik Tok. For this reason, we consider that focusing your digital marketing strategy through this platform is a competitive advantage.

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