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Online stores: Psychology of color, how important is it in design?

If you have some knowledge of graphic design and online store design, you will know how important colors are for various reasons. One is because each of them transmits a different emotion and will generate one or another reaction in the person who observes it. Another is because they will help to represent your brand, company and / or products and will allow, in this way, to have uniformity in the designs, packaging, publications, image in general and more. So, let's talk a little about the psychology of color and what some of them represent in the minds of consumers and why it is important to take them into account when designing a website, even a store. virtual.

Let's start by defining what is the psychology of color in graphic design. On the website HelpDev they define it as "a science that studies how colors influence our feelings, emotions and the capacity for reaction and decision that they can evoke in people when they are visualized."

Based on this belief, we could say that when designing a logo, the images of an advertising campaign and, of course, the look and feel of a website, you have to stop and decide which colors to use.

Tiendas online y la psicología del color

What should be taken into account when choosing colors for the design of an online store?

One of the things to take into account is the target we want to address. A website for kids will not be the same color scheme as one for vaper smokers. What emotions do you want to generate in that target? All this always, or at least always, should be planned and not left to chance.

One way to work out color choice is to decide whether you want warm, cool, or neutral colors. The reason is that each of them generates different sensations. For example, orange is a warm and cheerful color, blue is colder and more serious and that is why you will see it a lot in the banking sector or in spas to help us relax.

As for the colors considered neutral, we have white, gray and black. But this does not stop there, each range of colors has different shades or degrees of color that provide different intensities, and therefore different reactions.

Emotions from colors

White projects purity and minimalism, cleanliness, innocence and neatness. Black is a modern color, of mystery, of fear, but it is also elegant. Gray, for its part, is the color that most denotes neutrality, but it can also be associated with boredom, indecision and balance.

With respect to the blues, as we said before, when used in any area it is to project confidence, serenity, happiness, rest. In the design of online stores you can make use of blue tones to project some of these sensations. But, if on the other hand you like the color purple, keep in mind that it is usually associated with spirituality, magic, sadness and affliction. Perhaps it is suitable for the design of an esoteric online store.

Green and brown

As for the green tones, it projects hope, nature, freshness, patience and security. That is why you will also see it a lot in financial institutions and, of course, in ecological products or that appeal to "the natural".

You would say that brown also appeals to nature, due to the wood of the trees and the earth. However, its meaning is ancient, it can also represent dirt and selfishness.

Warm colors

Have you ever noticed the colors of fast food chains? Lots of yellow, orange and red. Again, everything has been carefully calculated because these colors convey energy, excitement, strength, creativity and power.

They are strong colors and you should use them sparingly, or with care, rather.

The world of color psychology is very broad but designers who have studied their target and the objective of a brand or product will know how to put them to use in appropriate ways. Trust experts in online store design like The Cloud Group so you can make sure that we will take into account the color and the combination of them for your website. Don't stop stopping by our Blog to read other articles of interest.

Tiendas online y los colores cálidos
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