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What distinguishes professional websites from those that are not?

Many times, because we want to save money or think that we can do it all after watching a tutorial on YouTube or reading some articles on a blog, we end up doing some things on our own instead of hiring someone who is an expert on the subject. It happens with some arrangement at home, the car and also with professional websites. It happens that since there are many resources available on the internet, it is easy to suppose that we can do everything ourselves, but the truth is that it is not like that, especially if what you want is a quality result. That is why if you want to aim to have a professional website, the ideal is that someone who has experience in the field does it.

But it may happen that you are interested in creating professional web pages but your company does not have enough money to hire an expert, what to do? Well, perhaps it is best to see this project not as an expense but as an investment and it is worth going that extra effort and investing what is necessary in order to obtain the best possible result.

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So, we are going to know some differences that you can find between a website made by an amateur (your neighbor, your cousin or yourself) and a professional.

Experience in professional websites

Another differentiating element between a professional website and one that is not is that it will be noted that the person who developed it has experience (or does not have it). A good professional in the area will not only know what they are doing but will be able to advise you on what is going to work best. On the contrary, an inexperienced will simply say yes to all your ideas, even if they will not bring real value to the project in the end.


Usability refers to how easy a web page is to use. A professional will take this into account to design and develop the website you need. Not only should it provide an excellent user experience to those who visit it, but it should go hand in hand with the objectives that have been set for it.

SEO optimization

SEO? What is that? It's all about search engine optimization and it's something to consider for any digital project today. Those who are not professionals in the area most likely do not know what this is, what it is for or how it is done, but an expert who is up to date will know exactly what to do to make your website appear among the first search results in Google.


If you choose your cousin to make your website for you, it is likely that he will not give you any guarantee if a failure occurs. A professional will not only give you guarantees but could also offer you maintenance if required.

Combination with various strategies

Today an optimized, visually pleasing website that offers an excellent user experience is not enough. A professional will also know what strategies need to be implemented to stay updated, so that new and more visits arrive and how to integrate the project with email marketing, social networks, sales funnels and much more.

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Do you understand why it is convenient to leave in the hands of the experts what requires an expert? At The Cloud Group we want you to always get ahead with any digital project that you propose and that is why we are more than willing to help you achieve it. Our team has experience in different areas such as software development, web design, marketing, professional websites and more. Contact us today and do not stop reading other articles of interest in our Blog

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