The demand for digital marketing professionals in Spain has increased 60% since 2020

Digital marketing in Spain currently represents more than an option for large companies and freelancers; is key to adapt and compete in this voracious market.

In fact, digital marketing is important in each of the company's advertising and sales departments, thus improving the company's corporate image and attracting new customers.

So, if you want to take advantage of the business opportunity that you have within your reach, enhance your skills and start having a stable economy, learn digital marketing.

The good news is that the demand for marketing professionals has grown by 60% since 2020, which means you won't be out of a job if you train.

We are convinced that there will be companies that need your services to help them position in Google and sell.

In this post, we show you the training available so that you can give your professional career a turning point right now.

Take advantage of the digital marketing boom in Spain and train to grow as a professional

Every day that passes, more professionals decide to learn digital marketing to obtain new skills and competencies that provide them with better job opportunities.


The commercial world is oriented towards marketing in social networks and other digital channels that allow more sales, more clients and more reach for a brand.

Therefore, training in marketing is, without a doubt, the perfect way to grow professionally and personally. Do you want to know what formations await you?

What training is available to you?

You can opt for a digital marketing course or a digital marketing master's degree. 

The difference between one training and another is the depth of learning and the skills you will obtain. Let's look at each instruction in detail.

Digital marketing online course

You can start by acquiring basic knowledge that lays the foundations of marketing in your mind, like the digital marketing course does.

Of course, this course will also teach you to master the area and get to know the digital world perfectly. But, in addition, it will teach you to know the right tools to start and direct digital marketing projects. On the other hand, you will learn to develop a marketing plan, know the precise functions of the Community manager and how to manage an e-commerce store through marketing. It should be noted that, after taking this course, many students go on to the next level, the online master's degree in marketing. And that is what we recommend.

Online Master in Digital Marketing

A master's degree in digital marketing will help you to know every detail of this profession, you will learn in a theoretical and practical way how to defend a company's marketing department.

This will allow you to opt for much more demanding and better paid jobs in the largest companies.

But, if you want to work as a freelancer, you can also have large clients that leave you good profits.

The master's degree in digital marketing enables you to learn everything that the mentioned course includes and much more.

For example, you will leave prepared to research strategies and innovate an entire company based on the opportunities you analyze.

You will learn to direct departments with leadership, to know in depth about inbound and outbound marketing and to be a specialized publicist.

You will manage Google Adwords like an expert and you will be able to create, direct and control the best marketing campaigns that you can imagine.

A key detail of this discipline is knowing your buyer person, that is, the ideal client. The master's degree in marketing achieves it to the letter.

Therefore, we invite you to turn your work life around and start taking advantage of digital opportunities with the online master's degree in digital marketing.

Start selling online taking advantage of the services of the best digital marketing agency

Yes, today's world revolves around digital. And your work and professional progress, too.

And if you want to reach more people with a quality digital marketing campaign in Spain, whether you are a company or self-employed, we can help you.

We give you an online presence on social networks, Google, by email marketing, etc.

We help your business have more customers and more sales than ever.

In short, we encourage you to contact The Cloud Group for digital marketing services.

We are a marketing agency with experience, quality and experience in the market, where we guarantee results.

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