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Social media management: 10 tips to prepare a good report

As part of the management of social networks is to prepare reports on the evolution of the different accounts that the community manager or social media agency manages. All this is in order to know the progress or setback in followers, engagement, purchases, among other data that can be used to measure whether the actions being carried out have been effective or not. In the same way, you can know what the return on investment (ROI) is like and make decisions based on this data. So, given that we know the importance of all this in digital marketing, we wanted to share with you today 10 tips for preparing a social media report.

1. Who will read the report?

It is very important that you know in advance to whom the report is directed because neither the tone nor the presentation of the data should be the same for the CEO of the company as for the head of marketing, for example.

The marketing manager will want to know data such as who are the influencers of the niche, what has been the participation in the campaigns, how many new followers were achieved. The CEO, on the other hand, would like to know the assessment that consumers have of the brand and how much budget is needed.

Gestión de redes sociales
No importa si tu empresa es un negocio pequeño o una gran corporación, hoy en día si no estás en internet - y en las redes sociales - ¡no existes! Además de que estás desaprovechando la posibilidad de que te encuentren millones de potenciales clientes mientras éstos se están divirtiendo en las redes sociales más usadas. Hoy en día el social media es una pieza esencial en cualquier estrategia de marketing del mundo, incluso en el aspecto empresarial. Puedes conectar con tus clientes actuales, interactuar, exponer tu marca y como consecuencia tus ventas incrementarán.

2. Length

Another fundamental aspect to determine regarding your report as part of the management of social networks is the length of the document. There may be times when a long, detailed report is necessary, but in other cases a short, summary report may be better. If the report is urgent, it should be short and readable in no more than 15 minutes. This type of report is perfect for the CEO. In contrast, a detailed report will likely take several days to produce and is very practical for the internal use of the company's marketing department.

3. What topics will be covered?

A tip that we are going to leave you here is to make the index of the report before starting to put together its content. This way you will know what topics you are going to include in it and you will be more organized when you start to elaborate it.

4. Use simple graphs

Many people have difficulties interpreting data and graphs and that is why we suggest that you make them as simple as possible. Ideally, everything can be understood on its own and that the message reaches whoever has to reach it clearly.

5. Describe the results

When presenting the data, we recommend that you always include a brief summary that includes the most important findings. And by brief we mean no more than 2 or 3 lines so that the information presented can be quickly understood.

6. Identify the findings

A good social media report should indicate which are the most important findings found and what conclusions can be drawn about them. Also, suggestions for changes and improvements can be made from this analysis.

7. Conclusions

A recommendation for when you go to write your conclusions is to present evidence (data, preferably) that supports them. Be brief and objective and accompany the recommendations also with relevant and verifiable information.

8. Take care of the graphic presentation

A report that does not take care of the aesthetic side will not be well appreciated, even if the data it contains is excellent. Therefore, take care to maintain brand colors, professional fonts and good quality graphics.

9. Stay professional

Don't forget to include the date the report was made, the author of the report, and an introductory cover page that explains what the report is about.

We recommend that you maintain this uniformity over time in each report that you submit because it will give you an air of professionalism that will be appreciated.

Gestión redes sociales

10. Check

Before sending the report or submitting it, if it is the case, verify that everything is in order and that there are no errors of any kind. Likewise, you must make sure that it stands on its own and that it can be understood without the need for additional explanations by the person who prepared it.

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