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CulturalFit continues to grow: Our clients succeed!

In The Cloud Group we are proud to announce that one of our clients, CulturalFit, was awarded first place in the program EBCite: Investigates, transfers, Emprende, organized by the Secretariat for the Transfer of Knowledge and Entrepreneurship (STCE) of the University of Seville and financed by the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University, this Wednesday, December 16.

CulturalFit is a software development and branding project in which The Cloud Group  has provided all the technical production part. It is an initiative led by Antonio Leal, Ana Benítez, Antonio Manuel Moreno and Carlos Sanchís, a team from the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Seville.

This venture focuses on helping companies with the management of their organizational culture and the recruitment of talent through software with AI that determines what are the ethical and professional values of candidates for a job position in order to know if they fit with those of the company or not. In this way, decision-making on human capital and selection processes are streamlined.

CulturalFit obtiene premio

With the passage of time, content has been gaining more weight within marketing strategies. As it is becoming more and more important to reach exactly the desired target, content is one of the protagonists today.

Logo Cultural Fit

CulturalFit will continue to grow

The Cloud Group  has contributed to the project integral branding, web design and the conception of the software through the scientific studies of the Cultural Fit team. After having obtained the highest award in the EBCite contest of 9,000 euros, they will now be able to move on to a second phase of its development, in which they will continue to count on us.

One of the requirements of the contest organizers is that the prizes must be used for the creation and promotion of your project.

To facilitate the maintenance of the development of the enterprise, the finalists have the option of using the coworking space of the University of Seville.

The awards ceremony was chaired by Daniel Escacena, project director of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency; the Head of the STCE Service, Marina Rosales; and the head of entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Francisco Liñán.

Among other finalists are 3DBones, Avocado LabsDecisionMaking, Prevention Lab, Bombus and CLAUDIA, out of a total of 14 projects submitted to the EBC from different research branches.

Regarding the jury of the projects, it was composed of Fabián Varas Sánchez, technical director of the CTA; José Ignacio Morales Conde, director of Andalucía Open Future; and Daniel Escacena Ortega.