3 persuasive copywriting tips for squeeze pages

One of the main objectives of digital marketing is to convert your occasional visitors into regular customers, or rather, into leads. To achieve this, it is clear that it is necessary to configure the content strategy according to said goal. Within it elements of the copywriting, our best ally when it comes to persuading from a distance.

By the way, the squeeze page They are not an option, but a very important component to get leads on our platform. Now imagine combining them with a persuasive, subtle and well-structured text.

At The Cloud Group we are aware of the impact of this mix, which has, in fact, served the market leaders even for other geniuses to apply for their courses. This time we have created an article with three simple but valuable copywriting tips that will allow you to get the most out of it.

Study the market and formulate an impressive headline

By now, we know all too well the impact a good headline can have. Even today, immersed in the world of digital marketing, we have found ourselves reading articles with terrible information just because the headlines managed to capture our attention.

This strange curiosity is something that we must take advantage of, only in our case we not only want to increase visits; we want those who fit into our target audience to move in with us. More than selling, we want establish a relationship. If so, follow the golden rule: treat them well.


And, contrary to what many believe, being nice to others is not throwing nice gestures left and right. It works better to know them, identify their weaknesses or needs and try to help them. How you plan to do it will be stated in the text of the squeeze pages, but the headline should touch on this problem and/or guarantee a solution.

Include a call to action

After hooking your audience with your product or service proposal, many will wonder what the steps are to obtain or pay for it. In general, you shouldn't delay in providing such information because you could divert their attention from your target: their emails.

So, once they are immersed in the potential of your product, you need to launch a wild call to action that allows them to get immediate responses. We refer to that famous box with large letters and a link that directs us to what we want to know. Its location varies, of course, but a good copywriting tip is to place it after you've submitted your proposal.

What is your promise? Emphasize her!

Do you remember when in school they asked you to classify information in tables? The time has come to put into practice the skills developed through it (yes, although you probably thought it was very trivial until seconds ago).

After rubbing salt on the wound of your readers' need and presenting the product or service specially designed to solve it, all that remains is to talk about its benefits. Beyond the void you want to fill, why should your visitors subscribe? Why should they buy your product? What would happen if they didn't?

But don't say everything. Remember that a good way to bore people is to tell everything. Humans respond very well to mystery and the possibility of finding a solution or reward. The squeeze pages will do nothing more than guide your visitors along the path to obtain it, and the red thread of destiny will be their data.

Bonus: don't overextend yourself

Many believe that copywriting requires long texts, but this is not always the case. As with almost everything in life, the correct answer in this and many other cases is: it depends. In squeeze pages everything will depend on the topic and context in which it is presented.

For example, if the benefits offered by your proposal are numerous, you should not hesitate to highlight them. But overloading your readers with information could backfire, so we recommend being more balanced.  

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