Custom software or standard software, which one does my company need?

On the internet you can get many things for free without paying a penny, even software for your company and that may be enough to solve the needs you have. What's more, recently we were talking to you about him management software standard and how it can help your business in various tasks related to the workflow so that it grows and bills more. However, there are times when nothing that the market offers in terms of business software can meet the needs you have today and you have to resort to custom software. How can you know if your company needs it?

Standard software vs. custom software

Standard or canned software is generic software that can solve multiple needs of a business. However, it is likely that it only uses some of the program's features. It cannot be adapted or functionalities that it does not bring can be added.

In the case of custom software, it is designed according to what the company or user requires. It's like going to the tailor and having him make you a suit with your unique measurements. It seeks to satisfy needs and adapts to them in the best possible way. Contrary to canned software, it can be modified in the future if necessary.

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Main features of the standard software:

  • You don't have to wait for a company to develop it. Just buy the license and it's ready to go.
  • It is unlikely to contain bugs because it has been tested by many companies before.
  • It is usually cheaper than custom software.
  • It does not suit the company.
  • It will have some or many functionalities that the company will not use because it does not need.

Custom software features:

  • It needs time for its development.
  • It adapts to all the needs of the company.
  • It may contain errors that must be corrected and improved.
  • Dream to be more expensive than standard software.
Ventajas de desarrollar un software de gestión a medida con The Cloud Group

How do I know if my company needs custom or standard software?

Since you know the characteristics of each type of software, we now want to help you make a decision regarding the software you are looking for.

1. Identify your needs.

Is the software you require to meet exactly what needs in your company? You can even write down what you'd like that software to fix.

2. Is there already a software on the market?

The next step is to evaluate and investigate if there is already a software available for sale that can solve the needs you have. If so, how much does it cost?

3. Ask for a custom software quote.

Take the initiative and contact a software development company and raise your problem with them. They will even be able to suggest some software that already exists, if that is the case, or they will make you a quote of what would consist of a custom software with all the characteristics you require.

By asking yourself all these questions and with costs in hand, you will be able to determine if your company would benefit more from standard software that already exists or if the only solution to the requirements is through custom software.

Keep in mind that by having a tailored solution, the company will have a competitive advantage and will grow as it invests in its own systems. In other words, you'll be one step ahead of the competition so it's an option worth considering.

If you already have software but you think it's time for a change ...

It is time to ask yourself the following questions, and if you answer yes to most of them, it is time to implement an improvement in the software you are using or change it completely:

  • Do you feel that the programs you are using are out of date with the business?
  • Is the software you use slow?
  • How long ago was the company software purchased or the website designed?
  • Is there room to improve and streamline processes with the programs that are used today in the business?
Software a medida o software estándar

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