3 elements that should not be missing in professional web pages

be present in digital channels It has become a necessity for many companies in these times, and the fact is that the continuous advances in technology, together with the new consumer trends, have transformed the way of doing business.

It is not surprising that social networks are imposing themselves on the virtual stage and, consequently, have an important influence on our lives, for this reason, in addition to having attractive profiles on social platforms, it is also important to consider the possibility of creating a page optimized website that works as a pillar for the digital marketing strategy.

The websites they are a very powerful alternative that brings quantifiable benefits to reinforce the online presence.

It is true that the creation of a web page requires careful planning because its structure will depend on the type of business, the objectives to be achieved, the public to which it is directed, taking into account that not all web pages have the same functions.

In the midst of so many possibilities, web pages can contain as many elements as deemed appropriate, regardless of the page type web, there are certain key components that must be present in any of them to obtain successful results.

Let's see 3 elements that should not be missing in web pages so that they look professional

1.Contact information:

In many web pages this information is ignored, which becomes an impediment for visitors to the page who wish to contact the company for any query or requirement.

Omitting this type of information is considered a web design error since one of the main purposes of online platforms for commercial purposes is to serve as a bridge between companies and their customers.

For this reason, it is most recommended that web pages have a section, where the different user service channels are indicated, for example: a telephone number, email or chat.

One of the resources that is being implemented lately in web pages and has generated positive effects, are chatbots, through which users receive automatic answers to their most common concerns. This method has a beneficial impact on the purchase intentions of customers.

2.Call to action – Call to action:

Including this tool on web pages is one of the most effective techniques for generating leads.

These must be located in a strategic place within the web page, where it is visible and manages to lead visitors to a specific action, for example: download educational material, direct to a landing page, participate in an event, respond to a survey, subscribe to a newsletter, among others.

The design and writing of the calls to action must be impeccable since this greatly influences the increase in conversions. The more attractive the call to action buttons are, the more likely users will be interested in clicking.

There may be several calls to action on the same web page, however, with this you must be very careful not to overdo it and cause an effect contrary to the one you want.

3. Links to social networks:

Although web pages are the core of the digital presence for many companies, social networks work as an ideal complement in order to get new prospects, build a digital community, among many other benefits.

Linking social network profiles with web pages will make it easier for users to access with just one click.

We are exposed to constant changes and today, people are not only looking for information but also want to interact with what generates curiosity or interest, thus this is a good tactic to connect with the audience.

Generally, the icons of social networks are placed in the footer or footer, in fact, many web design templates already include this structure and it is not necessary to make additional adjustments.

Finally, the web pages that look professional, have combined the different elements in a harmonious way, in addition their design is easy to navigate for their public, without neglecting the visual identity, the quality of the content and the updates of the new times.

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