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Web Design in Barcelona: How to optimize it for search engines?

SEO is becoming more and more important every day. As the millions of companies in the world compete for visits, users and, of course, sales, the eternal fight to appear among the first places of the search results in engines like Google, Bing and others, is more and more strong. One way to compete better and more assertively is to have a web design in Barcelona that has been made with search engine optimization in mind.

Key aspects for a web design optimized for search engines

1. Design and images

It may not seem relevant to position in search engines but a web design in Barcelona and around the world requires a pleasant, creative and attractive aesthetic that helps the brand to leave a good first impression on its visitors. This will immediately translate into recurring visits and people's desire to share it with others.

Diseño web Barcelona

2. Usability

The web designer should take into account when creating the initial sketches of the website, and throughout the process that involves creating web pages, the usability of the same. Navigation must be intuitive and aimed at generating conversations that invite people to take specific actions.

3. Information architecture

Another key factor to consider is the information architecture, which must be ordered under SEO criteria. Also, you have to focus on attracting qualified traffic, all in order to make it easier for the website to rank organically in search engines.

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4. Optimized content

Finally, another key aspect is that web design must be accompanied by a content strategy that contains concise, direct texts and written in such a way that they are easy to understand for both people and Google. It should include strategically placed calls to action so that when users are browsing they can click on them naturally. In the same way, the content should be oriented towards offering visitors solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

Additional factors to take into account for a web design in Barcelona optimized for SEO

1. Accessibility

You will need to verify that the website you developed is accessible to search engines. That is, a check must be carried out to know if the web is visible to the search engines eyes or not because it may be that some code or file on the site is preventing search engines from discovering and indexing it and this is crucial for the SEO.

What should you keep in mind for accessibility?

  • Robots txt file
  • Meta tag robots
  • HTTP status codes
  • Sitemap
  • Web structure
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • Web speed
diseño Barcelona

2. Indexability

If the website is accessible by Google robots, the next step is to index it correctly. The pages that make up your website will be ordered based on content, authority, and relevance.

You can check if the site is indexed by doing a search with the command "site:" and so Google will indicate the number of pages on your site that have already been indexed.

3. Meta tags (meta tags)

Finally, you must take into account the meta tags, in English meta tags, for a correct positioning in search engines. These must contain keywords according to what the website is about so that Google can take them into account when ordering and displaying the results.

The most important tags to keep in mind are "title and" description, which are the ones that show the search title and the paragraph that appears below it and explains what that particular page is about.

Now you know what factors you should take into account when making a web design in Barcelona that is optimized for search engines. By doing it correctly you will have more chances to compete with keywords related to your field and niche and appear higher in the search results.

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