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Mobile application: Charge your phone with Reiki energy?

Today we decided to bring you something unusual, but it is true, it exists and is available in the market. It is a mobile application that allows you to charge its battery using Reiki energy. Maybe you thought you had seen everything, because we can assure you that you have never seen this before. Are you ready? We will tell you everything about this curious undertaking and you will tell us if you dare to try it yourself.

Reiki charger

The mobile application is called Reiki Charger, or in English Reiki Charger. Unfortunately it is no longer available for download, but there are many evidences of it on the internet with which we can have fun for a while.

The goal was that you don't need a charger to recharge your smartphone's battery when it has run out. All you have to do is concentrate and voila, the battery will be charged with your energy.

Aplicación móvil para cargar el móvil

Marketed as the most eco friendlyWe cannot deny that if this were to work, it would be the greenest option on the planet at this time to recharge the battery of our mobiles.

Their slogan "the application they don't want you to use" suggests that by using your own energy to recharge your cell phone, you will certainly consume less electricity and there will be companies that will not be happy with that. Included would be the manufacturers of chargers, cables and others that have this same purpose.

But ... how does it really work?

In accordance with, the app uses your phone's sensors to channel your vital energy that emanates from your hands. This will make the mobile charge of your own energy. Although, vital energy is not life itself? Well, that is true, the high use of the mobile phone may take years off our lives if we use it excessively, or that we lose our lives by being involved night and day in the smartphone.

"Easy to use," say the creators of Reiki Charger. All you have to do is open the app, lay the phone on a flat surface. Place your hand 2 to 5 centimeters from the surface of the phone and FOCUS. Charging the battery should begin immediately.

The creators of the application say that all mobile phones have secret QI sensors that can be activated by practicing the technique of laying on of hands, such as Reiki, to recharge the battery.

In addition, in the description of the application they assure that "secret government agencies and Buddhist monks have been using this technology since ancient times." And if that's not all, you can use it in reverse to get power from your phone, very useful on days when you are not feeling very good.

But let's be clear, this is a joke. What's more, the application when it was available was in the Entertainment section. The comments left by users are very funny and are worth reading, at least to laugh a little a while.

“I give it 3 stars because it has not met my expectations. I have been a Reiki Usui level 3 master for 3 years and managed to make the phone charge intermittently at first. However, after 5 minutes, smoke began to come out of the phone and damaged it. Those in the guarantee state that they do not cover this type of case and that I have to contact the nearest FERP center to perform a reverse REIKI. I still do not control the technique and the last time I tried it, several teeth fell out, ”said César Arquero.

“Brutal application. I charge my mobile with my Reiki at 100 in 10 min and brutal the hidden function of the developers. If while you load it you invoke cthulhu and they give a Lovecraft book, a 10! ”, Said Xavi Payá.

Although some like they did believe that the mobile application was serious. Welcome Cascales said “I know it is possible because energy always flows, but it doesn't work. Either the mobile does not detect my energy or the application does not work well. I am a Reikista ”and left a single star.

We hope you had some fun with this article about an interesting mobile application. If you want to continue reading, come and visit our blog. And if you really need to develop a mobile application that works,you can contact us!

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