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SEO agency in Madrid: 5 myths you should stop believing

The search engine positioning strategies that an SEO agency in Madrid can offer you to position your business will most likely consist of: Creating quality and useful content that is backed by statistics and information, that solves a specific problem and is later promoted . It's a basic strategy, but that's what SEO is mostly about. Experts like Neil patel They assure that this is what they do and it works for them. However, in order for you to focus all your efforts on actions that do work, you must stop believing in myths related to SEO. Many of them have probably arisen due to ignorance or from the mouth of people who seek that others fail to improve their search traffic and their rankings.

SEO myths that the best SEO agency Madrid does not believe in

The best SEO agencies will know which actions are myths and which ones really work to improve search engine rankings.

Some of those common myths are:

1. It is no longer important to focus on keywords

This myth stems from the belief that the Hummingbird algorithm changed the way search results are displayed. What happened was that people focused on creating content that benefits the end user.

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The myth that emerged is that keywords no longer matter, but content as such. While it is true that content should be useful and relevant, keywords are too. One way to know is because after a search you still see the keywords at the bottom of the results page in Google. If so, it is because they still matter.

2. An XML sitemap will improve your ranking

Yes, a sitemap is important for robots to be able to index your site correctly, but it will not improve the ranking or it will not raise the position in which your website appears in the search results.

3. Meta tags don't matter

Meta tags are HTML tags that appear between tags of a web page. They are used to display the title and description of what that specific page is about and appear in search results.

So if someone says they are not relevant to SEO, it is just a myth or an uninformed person. They are super important and need to be combined with a keyword strategy.

4. It is no longer necessary to include a keyword in anchor text

Anchor text or anchor text is a text that can be clicked because it has a hyperlink. Many people mistakenly believe that it doesn't matter whether or not a link is placed on a keyword, but the truth is that it will only hurt if you do it excessively.

Seeks to use LSI keywords or synonyms so that you don't always use the keyword, and don't always link to the same content. Ideally, the links should be natural because that's what Google really wants.

5. Google will always find your new content and index it

Every time you publish something new on the internet, it is content ready to be indexed. However, not necessarily Google will. It may even take several days to find it (something that can be improved by using an XML sitemap).

That is why it is good to disseminate the content on social networks or through emails or using tools such as Pingomatic. But what is a myth is that Google will always find your new posts and index them immediately. You have to help him a little.

There are so many more myths so maybe we'll do part two of this article. It is important that you know what things do work in the world of SEO and what things really no longer work or maybe never worked.

As we know all the effort you have put into your content marketing and SEO positioning strategy, we would not want you to have done all that in vain.

One way for you to achieve excellent results from those who have done it many times is to hire an SEO agency in Madrid that can guide you with everything you need regarding this important area of marketing. Can contact us today to know how we can help you from The Cloud Group. We also invite you to read other articles of interest in our Blog if you want to know more about SEO, software, marketing and more. We will wait for you!

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