Marketing news you should know right now

He digital marketing It is something that today is highly involved in our lives and new things happen every day that affect this world, and as a consequence, businesses and people. Despite the fact that we have only started 2021 for a short time, there are already relevant issues to consider in the digital environment that have impacted the lives of millions of people. Shall we start?

What has happened in the world of marketing recently?

First of all, we can mention the fact that Instagram has decided to add more services to its desktop version. 

Although we know, it is a social network that has wanted to remain mainly on mobile devices and that is why the desktop version does not have many functionalities, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to name a few.

The new addition is in the possibility of enjoying a different format of stories or stories when browsing from the computer.

The second novelty refers to WhatsApp and its announcement of new terms and conditions that went viral as they implied that it placed users who use the platform at a disadvantage in terms of privacy.

As a consequence, in just 72 hours the Telegram competition received more than 25 million new users, thus exceeding 500 million users. However, a few days later they announced that they would delay this decision in view of the negative responses they received after the statement.

Another news regarding marketing is that of the money that Facebook earns through the data of its users, which according to a report by Statistical surpassed more than $57 billion dollars in 2020. 

LinkedIn has not been left behind in marketing news and is now making a new commitment through a platform of free courses. The goal is to teach users how to carry out optimal advertising campaigns and what resources they have available to connect with other professionals through this network.

This initiative is called LinkedIn Marketing Labs and is part of the network's commitment to talent management.

Important trends in social media marketing

Among other topics that have already been talked about are the trends we see this year. Perhaps the most important is to take mobile users into account. This is something that is becoming more and more crucial in view of the growth in the number of users and the use of smartphones around the world.

It is essential to adapt to what is known as mobile first to get a better user experience.

Next are the video nuggets or video snacks, which are short videos but with relevant content. They are consumed quickly and we can consume them over and over again. They also generate interest and desire to share them.

Another trend is that of micro-moments, which consist of being present at the right time, on the right device and in the ideal format to generate a unique experience. We can say that it is not an easy task, but it is good to aim to achieve these unforgettable moments. 

Lastly, virtual events. They took off like never before in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 and the quarantines imposed around the world and it is a trend that will continue to be seen this year. Whether for webinars, online meetings, conferences or others, it is one more step towards the digital transformation of people and companies

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