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Mobile applications: 5 characteristics to be successful

We have already talked before about mobile apps And but since it is really a very current topic and a technology that we will surely continue to see and enjoy in the years to come, we thought it would be interesting to talk about what it is that makes the most successful mobile applications so popular. What do those apps have that other apps don't have that have made millions of millions of people choose to download and use them every day? For example WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok to name a few. Some of these have become so necessary that we cannot imagine our lives without them.

What's more, some apps have been so successful that even the companies in charge of their development have established offices in several countries, thus being able to employ millions of people with high salaries.

So the question we ask ourselves today is, what have they done to become such popular apps? Here are some ideas about it.

What are the characteristics of successful mobile applications?

1. They have a good design

A likely reason for the success of successful mobile apps may be due to good design. Not just a nice aesthetic but a user-friendly design and user experience.

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The designs designed and developed in this way allow the creation of intuitive and easy-to-use apps and websites, which allows many more people to download and enjoy them, rather than if they were complicated programs.

Hasn't it ever happened to you that you download an app on your smartphone and you don't really understand where to start using it? Apps like this are likely not to be successful in the long run.

An example of a good design is the double tap on Instagram or TikTok, which is equivalent to liking content. It is a simplified way to perform an action.

2. Improve users' lives in some way

You might be tempted to say that not all apps improve people's lives in some way, but even social media does. They help keep people far away in touch, communicate with just a few clicks, and share information. Mobile gaming applications provide entertainment, that is, they help people to be distracted during leisure time.

However, there are applications that have really changed our lives for the better, such as mobile apps to make payments, to write documents, to take photos, among others.

3. They are accessible

One characteristic that successful apps share is that they are accessible and innovative. Surely when they appeared they did so thinking of solving a common problem or need, even if people did not yet know they had those needs.

For example, when the Blackberry was the most popular smartphone, everyone shared their BB Pin. However, WhatsApp appeared as an application that could be installed on any device, regardless of the operating system.

When Blackberry stopped being so popular and therefore the Pin was lost, WhatsApp was replaced as chat, which, since it worked through mobile data or WiFi, did not generate costs, as traditional text messages or SMS did. .

4. Constant improvements

Successful mobile apps are constantly improving. Surely you have seen a notification indicating that one of the apps you have installed on your mobile needs to be updated.

They not only update them to fix any flaws, but to add new functionality. However, sometimes users don't like it and developers push back the changes.

5. Defined objectives

Another characteristic that the most popular mobile applications share is that they have well-defined goals. This is something that is necessary to do with everything related to your business since not knowing with certainty where you want to go will not allow you to know what actions will be that will lead you to achieve those goals.

For example, we all know that Gmail is an email client, LinkedIn is a professional social network, and WhatsApp is a chat.

We believe these features are shared by all successful mobile apps. Do you think there are other reasons why some apps succeed and others don't? Leave us your opinion in a comment below!

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